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Join us on a Photographic Journey to Yosemite National Park, one of the most iconic landscapes in the world. We will travel through the glacier-carved valleys, silent old-growth forests of pine and sequoia, and up the dizzying granite cliffs that mark Yosemite as a land of stone. Located in the central Sierra Nevada mountains of California, a landscape world renowned for stunningly beautiful meadows and soaring peaks, Yosemite is the crowning jewel, drawing millions of people from around the world.

Our journey will begin low in the valley and end at the summit of Half Dome - a peak so iconic, you are sure to recognize it’s profile even if you have never seen the mountain in real life. In between, we will guide you past some of the most famous waterfalls in the world, up endless stone steps carved straight into the hard stone of Yosemite, and finally up the world-famous (or infamous) cable route that leads up the sheer rock face to the top of Half Dome.

Yosemite National Park is bounded by high alpine country on all sides, before it plunges deeply into the valley itself - a steep cleft in the Earth carved by the interminable weight of glaciers which have left granite ramparts thousands of feet high to mark where they have come.

This book consists of text and audio versions, and includes a selection of stunning high-resolution photographs with informative captions that can be viewed in beautiful full-screen. Zoom in for a closer look with a simple pinch, and learn how you can tap your inner Ansel Adams by tapping the camera icon to see the settings used for the image at hand.

This is the ninth Photographic Journey in a series produced by Aeron Photography and published by Abet Publishing. Other journeys include Venice Beach, Travel Croatia, the Place of Versailles, Zion National Park, and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

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Travel & Adventure
December 11
Abet Publishing
Aeron Nersoya

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