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Halley's Gift explores the lives of extraordinary fictional characters and through the stories you will have the opportunity to meet these unique people. Here are some of the characters you'll read about: Halley a fifteen year old girl struggles with how to use her powers or whether she even truly has the gift her spirit guide believes she’s obligated to develop. Commander Hadley has extraordinary flying skills, but will discover what is truly most important when he faces death. A con artist, Jack lives a flawed life, but he manages to be a hero and be true to himself. An ex-con as Leslie learns must overcome odds stacked high against her; one simple act of kindness creates a friend that helps. Mother of two, Kelly will break the law, but you judge for yourself whether justice is served. Her testimony puts her in the witness protection program. Elysha is brash and brave. She does the right thing, but her reward is an unexpected one. Some of us are lucky and some are luck itself: Lucky McGregor makes his own luck and if you’re lost he’s the dog you want looking for you. Genius can be a curse, but William finds a way to harness his extraordinary gift, however, the challenges nearly overwhelms him. And finally, Victor learns that when forces threaten those you care about most, heroics emerge. These characters and the people around them provide distinct tales about extraordinary talents, gifts, and skills, coupled with courage. I hope you will reflect on your own distinct value, your extraordinariness, and learn to use it in the best ways possible.

Fiction & Literature
April 16
Carey Azzara
Smashwords, Inc.

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