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It is Halloween in Seattle. Rage and Jones are going out to trick or treat. Jones is going as a giant green frog and Rage as Annie Oakley. Annie has a Winchester 72, unloaded of course. She has candy flies for her frog but also a few dead real ones.
They have a good time with the kids. Except in the park with a few “want to be toughies.”
Rage has a phone call about a possible home invasion, very close to them. Rage jumps a few fences to get to the home. Jones loses the frog suit as he goes a block further to out flank them. Rage sees there is a car in front of the house, but it is running. She waits unit three men come running out and she shoots the engine out before they can leave. Extra police arrive and they empty the car and go into the house. Here they find a man and woman. He has been bleeding but his wife has stopped it.
They find a fourth suspect hiding in the house. The aid car takes the couple in the house and the police take over the crime scene.
Rage and Jones walking back to her home, has a few questions, and goes back to the crime scene. They have found nothing on the suspects or at the scene. What or why did they invade the home? Rage suggests they guard everyone until they understand what is going on.
The Aid car goes missing and is not found for several days. The medics are unharmed.
It is not Rage’s case, but she can’t let it go. She finds in other cities aid cars have been taken but returned in several days, but empty. The Inspector feels the other shoe is about to drop on these aid car heists.
Rage and Jones are invited to DC by the national FBI Director to work on the case. What does the FBI know?
Why is Jones and Rage talking to the wall where the FBI put them up? Will a fork in the ceiling help solve the case?

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 5
D. E. Harrison
Smashwords, Inc.

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