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Say “Six spooky spiders spread a silky sticky web,” fast and in a Dracula accent.  Now try saying, “Haunted houses on Halloween have hair-raising horrible horrifying haunts,” like a ghost, without messing up.  This book is filled with Halloween tongue twisters that are interactive, funny, original, and every one has it’s own silly cartoony illustration.  Kids as well as adults will enjoy the challenge of saying each Halloween tongue twister.  It is hard to not have a huge smile on your face as you say these tongue twisters. 


Also features new and original Halloween music throughout the book.  Kids will be entertained for hours with these funny Halloween tongue twisters!  


Read what people are saying about Riley Weber’s tongue twisters:

“This eBook provides an excellent selection of tongue twisters, together with fun pictures illustrating them.


In our modern, technological world full of computers and smart phones sometimes it's a relief to take a break from typing or texting to fall back on an old and simple idea like tongue twisters. These are just strings of words that don't easily go together sound wise that you have to try to say as fast as you can. The results can be hilarious.


Getting a group of kids together to try to say tongue twisters can provide them with great amusement. A competitive element can be introduced to enhance the enjoyment, and sometimes a young person who is no good at sports or school work will discover a hidden talent for tongue twisters that raises his or her self-esteem.


They also have more serious uses. For those whose native language is not English, they can provide excellent practice in pronouncing consonant and vowel sounds. Children with speech difficulties can also use them for practice when alone, and they may play a part in training young singers so that lyrics are heard more clearly.


And it's not just kids who love tongue twisters. They also make excellent ice-breakers for work gatherings or seminars, and are more sedate than most drinking games for parties.


So the next time the power goes, or you find yourself stuck in a room with a bunch of kids or adults you have to keep entertained, why not get them all to have a go at saying some tongue twisters?”

Young Adult
August 24
Riley Steven Weber
Riley Steven Weber
Grades P-6

Customer Reviews

StarsNStripes ,

Halloween Fun!

If your looking for some great Halloween entertainment for the kids, this book is it. It's interactive and encourages children to say each tongue twister. Kids can practice saying them in funny Halloween voices as well, that adds to the fun. Great book for kids who are learning how to form words and practice their English skills. Some of them are also challenging for adults to say. Good Halloween book and fun.

All for One, One for All. ,

Great Halloween Book

This is a great Halloween book for the kids. Each tongue twister is fun to say and the drawings with it are funny in themselves. Great book. Well worth downloading. It looks great on the iPad.

Bookworm!!!! ,

Scary Fun for the Kids!

I love these tongue twisters and so do my kids! Their favorite one is "Ten tiny tarantulas tippy-toed on the tombstones." They are all very entertaining and the Halloween music throughout the book adds to the fun. I was laughing hard when I heard my kids try to say the tongue twisters. This is a great Halloween book for the family.

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