Hallows End

A Curse of the Blood Moon Novel

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Publisher Description

New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby returns to tales beyond the natural and normal with her brand-new, captivating paranormal romance series that is sure to capture your heart and make you believe in magic.

Returning to her beloved home of Salem after a trip away, Lucy Finch can’t shake the feeling of anxiety that suddenly plagues her. Nor can she shrug off her third eye’s urging that she has a mission she must undertake—a secret she must uncover. 

As a green witch, Lucy has always felt strongest and the most at home in the forest, surrounded by nature. But when a disturbing dream wakes her and sends her fleeing into the woods, she isn’t prepared for what she finds. She expected her element. Perhaps a message from spirit. She didn’t expect to cross paths with a sexy-as-sin man, straight out of a movie scene.

Jonas Morley isn’t like the other residents of Hallows End. He knows the town’s secrets, as well as Salem’s, and it has been his honor and duty to protect them for as long as he can remember. But the gorgeous witch who graces the town’s hidden border shakes him and makes him second-guess his directive. She calls to him like no other. But can he save his home and those under his care and still make her his? Or will their union mean danger and destruction for not only them but also those who live within the town’s borders? 

Curses don’t discriminate, and the curse of the blood moon is the most determined and dangerous of all.

Hallows End is the first book in the Curse of the Blood Moon Series.

October 4
Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Kristen Proby

Customer Reviews

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Spooky Shenanigans in Salem

Just in time for spooky season, author Kristen Proby has released HALLOWS END, the first book in her new The Curse of the Blood Moon series. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, and revolving around a family of magical women, HALLOWS END has proven to be a lovely entree into this new world.

Salem has been home to Lucy Finch and her ancestors for centuries. They've lived, thrived, and practiced their craft in the town for as long as anyone can remember. Unbeknownst to Lucy, there is another town, another world, just beyond her own. When circumstance leads Lucy to encounter Jonas Morley, a man from this nearby place, life as she and her family know it are in for some strange happenings.

Kristen has done her usual wonderful job of world-building here, and infused it with family, love, and enough suspense to keep me guessing. Filled with magic, a centuries-long curse, and, of course, romance, HALLOWS END paves the way for a family epic along the lines of Kristen's previous forays into the paranormal. I am completely invested in this story and all of the characters, and cannot wait to see how the cousins and their coven, along with Jonas and all of Hallows End, fight the unseen evil that has held them ransom. Grab this one for your spooky TBR pile, and enjoy. ❤️

katslovesbooks ,

Amazing story

This story was just amazing. I was wrapped up in the characters, the mystery, the cursed, the magic and everything that is Hallows End.

From the first page I read I knew this story was just going to be so interesting to the point that once I started reading I couldn't put the book down. I love a good witch story and this book has it all and then some.

Salem has always been a town that has so much history as well as mystery and this story is about Lucy, who along with two cousins and her coven find themselves trying to solve and old cursed that has trap Jonas and his village in a time loop.

Jonas has spend a little over three hundred years trying to break a cursed that he and his coven initiated in order to protect his village. He is the only one who can walk into different worlds. He is been basically along in this journey until he mets Lucy. Lucy is a modern day witch with a very special gift and from the moment they meet their connection is instant, I just loved how compatible they were finding a deeply connection. Unfortunately not everything is good in modern Salem, there is a sinister presence that has been killing witches for many years and now is set on destroying Lucy as well as her two other cousins Lorelei and Breena.

While this book focuses on Lucy and Jonas relationship as well as the cursed the ending leaves clues for the next book in this series and I just can't wait for it.

Evergreenbrdx ,

Page Turner!

Wow this books captivated me from the first chapter. Jonas has been living alone for over 330 years. Unable to break the curse he cast on his beloved town. Traveling over a bridge to Salem he meets Lucy. With Samhain coming soon Lucy and her cousins are getting ready for the evil that comes each year. Can they stop the evil? You better ready to find out. I can’t wait for the next book!!

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