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When her mother died, she inherited her secrets, enemies, and supernatural powers…

When Brie van Rossum finds herself halfway across the world, in a new private school after her mother’s death, she never expects to see an angel of a woman who looks exactly like her mom—who can move so fast that she disappears into thin air.

This woman’s presence brings three more women out of the woodwork, sent by her mother to protect her from the supernatural Hallows and Nephilim of the Archworld who want their royal bloodline extinguished for good. 

Brie is terrified and surrounded by enemies on all sides—but she also has the magical powers and bloodline with which to fight and rule over them.

She’ll have to learn to control the powers she’s been given first. Otherwise, the secret’s out—and the same people who might have murdered her mother will be coming for her next. Since she’s not exactly a natural fighter, she has no idea how she would protect her family if it came to that.

She also can’t tell her older brother what’s really going on, nor his handsome, athletic best friend, who seems to be closing in on the truth about who she is and what she can do.

Not that she has time for romance when she’s fighting for her life.

A broken family, a deadly secret, an impossible romance… This omnibus contains the first three books in Waters Dark and Deep, a young adult urban fantasy series (recommended for teens 14+):


<li>Instruments of the Angels</li>

<li>Hunters of the Mortals</li>

<li>Shadow of the Archworld



Young Adult
August 24
Spaulding House
Monica OBrien

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