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Halocline is a near future horror tale of the workings of an everyday salvage vessel and its inevitable crew of characters. 

It is a twisted continuance of john g rees’ first horror novel anoxic zone.

    Years before, their lives forever changed by the machinations of Megacorp, who basically have global control of what’s left in this future world, our main characters unwillingly became ‘reuseables’; service personnel taken dead or alive for their skills 

to use to the advantage of those in power. To be used again and again. Jake and Johnny rid themselves of the yoke they had been forced to wear, but the result 

left them in a limbo of the damned.

    Fate once again steps in, making the question and choice for our heroes: to save themselves or to save a people from a fate 

worse than death? It seems the answer is both. Jake and Johnny will have to confront the evil within themselves if they are to 

prevail. For Jake this is no small task. The odds are overwhelming. The risks are great, the cost their souls.

    Old friends reunite, new ones appear as a torturous quest for survival and independence again wash up on the shores of eastern 

Romania. Over a thousand years ago, a war was fought on this coast. Good did not win. But the winds of change are blowing and the 

peoples of Romania will have to go through hell all over again if they are to earn the right to live on their piece of earth. 

Once again, grossly graphic descriptions of the disfigurements and impalings occur throughout this wildly thrilling novel. 

Rees’ way of words just makes you squinch your eyes and yet want more. He happily continues to disgust and amuse us. 

Fiction & Literature
January 30
Black Water Books
John G Rees dba Black Water Books

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