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A Warhammer Age of Sigmar novel

There are few heroes so mighty as Hamilcar Bear-Eater – but when an ancient skaven warlock with a thirst for godhood seeks Hamilcar's immortal soul, will his martial prowess and uncanny skill be enough to ensure survival? 


Everyone loves Hamilcar Bear-Eater (though few as much as he loves himself), and after loads of short stories, he's now been unleashed in a full-length novel! Enemies of Sigmar everywhere will be quaking in their boots...


Throughout the Realmgate Wars, Sigmar’s centuries long crusade against Chaos in the Mortal Realms, there has never been a hero like Hamilcar Bear-Eater, famed Lord Castellant of the Astral Templars. Would Gardus have charged headlong into the stronghold of Uxor Untamed with a mere handful of warriors at his back? Would Vandus have had the foresight or magnetism to drink himself euphoric, start a war with the Skarabrak lodge, and then wake come morning to a sore head and fifty thousand moonclan berserkers avowed to Sigmar’s cause? No. Only Hamilcar. But when an ancient skaven warlock with a thirst for godhood turns his attention towards Hamilcar’s divine soul, the Bear-Eater knows he will have to call upon his martial prowess and uncanny wits just to survive. Because his next death could be his last.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 9
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Victoria Prewitt ,

An Instant Classic

Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods has proven to be an excellent introduction into the Age of Sigmar universe. Hamilcar himself is a massive personality that demands no less than to be written in first person and Guymer delivers. The book has both humor and horror in equal measure, with Hamilcar dealing with ghosts of the past as well as an uncertain and bleary future.

There is honestly very little I didn’t like about this book and the cast of characters still manage to shine through despite being seen through the lens of Hamilcar himself. The book overall is a very charming, easy to read piece with as much wit as emotion while still maintaining the grim overtones Warhammer is famous for. A book worthy of the character and more!

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