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A Hands-on Experience with Shakespeare

Experience Hamlet in an unexpected and exciting new way with The Shakesperience, which combines an engagingly touchable interface + remarkable audio + photos and illustrations to create an interactive Shakespeare experience unlike any you’ve ever seen. 

Get Into Reading Hamlet Faster

Our at-your-fingertip features allow you to more quickly immerse in and engage with the text. 

At Your Fingertips

•Complete glossary with embedded explanations (more than 1,300 terms!) allows you to immediately translate words you don’t know into contemporary English
•The result? Reading Shakespeare is easier and you’ll “get” the play much faster. Simply put, we’ll change the way you read Shakespeare.

Performance Audio 

First in a line of groundbreaking ebooks, Hamlet: The Shakesperience takes you from the page to the stage with audio embedded right in the scenes.

Shakespeare’s plays come alive in performance, and you’ll hear some of the world’s best, including:

•Sir Laurence Olivier’s breathtaking 1948 performance as Hamlet
•An historic performance by Sir John Gielgud 
•Sir Derek Jacobi acts as your narrator and explains the differences between each performance – you’ll experience scenes changing based on how they’re performed!
•And much, much more


Our visuals come directly from some of the best performances with galleries that burst off the page with photos, production notes, set renderings, and costume designs.

The BEST of the iPad

The Shakesperience makes magic happen with all the best features of your iPad, including:

•Touch, tap, and swipe your way through the play
•Feature-packed but in a compact file size and no wifi needed!
•Full highlighleries that can be swiped and enlarged bring the play to life

Developed with leading Shakespearean scholars and ideal for students, Hamlet: The Shakesperience’s dynamic special features enhance the experience and make it the most friendly and fascinating Shakespeare you can imagine:

•How does an actor “Speak Shakespeare”? Former voice coach to the Royal Shakespeare Company Andrew Wade shows you 
•A full cast of actors explains how they approached their roles
Hamlet as performed - the view from the director’s chair of Kenneth Branagh
Hamlet in pop culture, including the most famous soliloquy in history — “To be or not to be.” 

Text Editor

Terri Bourus is a Professor of English Drama at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis where she directs the IUPUI-New Oxford Shakespeare Project. She is the Founding Director of Hoosier Bard Productions, the theatrical arm of the New Oxford Shakespeare, and is a General Editor for the NOS project. Dr. Bourus has published widely on Shakespeare’s texts and on Shakespeare in performance, especially Hamlet, and on Theatre History (Middleton, Fletcher, and Shakespeare). She recently directed Young Hamlet (based on the First Quarto of Hamlet), and Shakespeare's so-called "lost" play, The History of Cardenio. Dr. Bourus is the recipient of several prestigious university research and teaching awards including the Research Trailblazer's Award, the Claude Rich Excellence in Teaching Award, and seven Indiana University Trustees' Teaching Awards.

November 1
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Sourcebooks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Philologist ,

It's gimmicky and full of errors

Anyone who buys a full length video of a good performance of Hamlet, such as Kenneth Branagh, Derek Jacobi (not full length), Oliver 1948 Hamlet and get an Arden Edition copy to read will be better off.

There are errors in vocabulary and explanation that tells me the preparers of this iPad edition did not consult scholarly editions. For example hold it a fashion and "toy in blood" is incorrectly explained as "idle fancy, toy connotes childlike" even though anybody who could understand without this explanation: Laertes basically saying "Due to his youth he is flirting with you, making an amorous sport out of you." When read carefully his following words confirm this without a doubt. ACtually this speech lasts a long time and Laertes struggles to scare and talk sense into sister, even though he himself in Paris he is a player.

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