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***This novel is a contemporary second chance romantic comedy featuring mature characters.***

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It started with a window that was jammed shut. Pretty simple, right? All I wanted was to open the windows while I tidied the house. I’d been after my no-good husband to do it for months, but he never did. And then he shacked up with his secretary, leaving me with a pile of bills, husband-free for the first time in ten years, and with a house that was falling apart. 

The ad popped up on the side of my social media feed—a local contracting agency willing to do pretty much anything. Since I don’t really know a screwdriver from a ratchet, I gave them a call. 

And let me tell you, the ad was NOT lying. Jesse O’Neill can do it ALL…and looks amazing doing it. 

He fixed my window, so I called him back to fix the sagging, splintery front steps. Which led to him fixing my kitchen sink. And then he recarpeted my stairs. And then fixed the squeak in my bed. 

He was supposed to fix my house, not my rusty, sputtering libido. And certainly not my broken heart.

June 29
Jasinda Wilder
Seth Clarke

Customer Reviews

Oh ya hhk ,

Another great book

Her books always have great story line are always different. With amazing sex scenes.

Ashel05 ,

Hit me where it counts when I was least expecting it!

Wow. I'm blessed to be on a lot of ARC teams. T this time I'm not on Ms Wilder's... but I feel it must be said I'm on a lot of my fav authors teams, which makes reading books in between long awaited ARCs difficult.

THIS book was AWESOME!
I've had on my shelf awhile.
I love Jasinda's stuff.
I don't know why I held out on reading it.
I seriously regret it.
Going on my top 2019 reads shelf 1000%

Meet Imogene, recently, messily divorced sweet woman.
Introducing Jesse, contractor all around hot guy.
The scene. Here broken window.

I simply devoured this book!
Safe read, no cheating, HEA, 1 of 4 series about 4 friends who also work together!!

Highly recommend

Jemkm ,

It wasn’t my favorite

I have read every book by Jasinda and this one just wasn’t my cup of tea. I typically love everything she writes, but this one was too long and kept rehashing the same issue over and over and over! I love a good long book when it keeps progressing and this one didn’t. The heroine was insecure and annoying and the hero was 44 and supposedly the hottest man ever but he had never been married, that just didn’t seem realistic to me. Also, the heroine has absolutely no money in the first part of the book but then she is spending like crazy to travel and order all kinds of Thai takeout food?!?!? Lastly, it just kind of ended on a “Happy for now” note. I will keep preordering all her books. She is definitely a one click author for me, just not this book.

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