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I didn’t mean to kidnap the groom.


One minute, the town’s bad boy was standing there at the altar, and the next, he’s accidentally passed out in my Vespa sidecar with his bride hot on our tail.


I didn't have a choice. It was ‘napping Jace or watching him commit a crime against love and humanity and puppies. And besides, what’s a little kidnapping between friends?


I think we’re friends, anyway. Everyone says not to get too close, that he’s trouble, that he’ll drag me down with him, but I know there’s more to him. And not just because the moonshine told me so that night we got hammered, and I kissed him. 


Okay, so yes, I kissed him. And no, I don't regret it. Or anything else about that night. Like stealing that squirrel. Or liberating that hedgehog. Because hedgehogs shouldn't be trapped cages with abusive spouses, and neither should Jace.


Or maybe I just shouldn’t get hammered. Ever again.


Hammered is a sexy, laugh out loud romantic comedy between a bad boy bartender and the good girl forced to kidnap him at the altar, complete with a possibly cursed stuffed squirrel, a very confused hedgehog, and multiple Redneck Surfers on the rocks. This romance has no cheating or cliffhangers, and ends with a banging hot happily ever after.

May 14
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

Back in Happy Cat

Hammered is book 2 in the Happy Cat series and another great collaboration between the author duo, Pippa Grant and Lili Valente. You never know what craziness Happy Cat has in store for you. Olivia is the town's spiritual guru. She would never hurt a soul, so when she accidentally almost does what better way to drown her sorrows than with some heavy drinking and the town's bad boy Jace O'Dell. Olivia sees more than his bad boy reputation, and what she sees she really likes. One night of some heavy passion and she is hooked for good.

Jace doesn't care that everyone in town thinks Olivia is a bit on the cooky side. What he sees is a sweet soul that goes far and beyond to help all living things she comes in contact with. Whether it be a friend, a hedgehog, or even a dead stuffed squirrel. Olivia is one of a kind and Jace finally feels like he has found his person. That is until his on and off again ex comes back into his life; and before he knows it, he is getting ready to say "I DO" to the wrong person. Knowing he has to do right by his ex, Jace works really hard to get Olivia out of his head and heart. Easier said than done. Can Olivia get to Jace in time to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life, or will she lose him forever?

I couldn't stop laughing throughout this book. I thought Pippa and Lili were so creative, including the hedgehog's obsession with the squirrel. Truly a genius idea! I also loved how different Jace and Olivia were but together they made sense. Well done ladies!

Troy.taylor0803 ,

Great book!

Well Done! Really enjoying this quirky group of characters from Happy Cat.

KindleKat64 ,

Sweet, funny and sexy!!

Once again, these two authors are simply amazing together!! I LOVED this book so hard! The story and the writing is pure RomCom perfection! I chuckled, snickered and full on belly laughed so much it was a good thing I read in private or people would have thought I was loony! If a person could have a human for a spirit animal I would want Olivia to be mine! She is the absolute embodiment of free spiritedness and quirkiness and I positively love and adore her. Jace is, well he's amazing and unfortunately complicated. At first he is stuck in a situation it doesn't seem he can get out of until Olivia comes along and rescues him and makes him want everything he thought he could never have. But it won't be that easy!
Cameos from George Cooney had me in stitches as well as the antics involving newcomers Princess von Spooksalot and Sir Pendleton Macavoy, Investigator at Large! What wonderful imaginations these writers have that make reading such fun!
The story of the wonderful sweet and sexy love Jace and Olivia find among all of this chaos in Happy Cat, has made me one happy reader!

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