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The first foundational text on the clinical use of cannabis and cannabinoid therapies.

Despite thousands of years of medical use and an impressive record of safety, versatility, and efficacy, Cannabis sativa has existed outside the modern pharmacopeia since the 1940s. Primarily driven by popular demand, this botanical has returned to health care, but most clinicians lack the knowledge essential for identifying candidates for treatment, guiding patients, maximizing benefit, and minimizing harm.

Dustin Sulak provides health care professionals—including physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, and nurses—with an accessible and evidence-based reference that empowers them to intelligently discuss cannabis with their patients and implement cannabis and cannabinoid therapies with confidence. Based on over a decade of clinical experience and an extensive review of the literature, this detailed and scientifically accurate guide includes the history of cannabis in medicine, the foundations of endocannabinoid physiology, the pharmacological effects of cannabis’ myriad active constituents, the clinical utility of its various preparations, and specific strategies and cautions for treating the most common conditions presenting to a cannabis clinician. This guide is an essential resource for practitioners of any specialty field or experience level who wish to improve their patients’ outcomes, harness the healing potential of the endocannabinoid system, and wield a powerful solution to many of healthcare’s challenges.

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June 29
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Madame Zilch ,

Cannabis Bible

Clinicians and shamans alike as well as every Bud Tender and CBD shop owner and cannabis farmer should read this book! My attitude was completely changed because of this critical information about cannabis and I had been studying the plant for five years!
What I didn’t realize is the center and epitome of good cannabis clinician recommendations… a good clinical diagnosis. As harmless as cannabis seems…Dr. Sulak will impress the exact opposite into your consideration with his review of recently cited Random Control Trials in this field. Cannabis is GOOD NEWS for humans and animals… but you need a good diagnostician before you know how to medicate. Everything else is just guessing in the dark. Don’t guess. Get this book and start passing his word around as the Bible of Cannabis it is!
Honey Smith Walls,
Cannaba Verum, LLC
A 21st Century Cannabis Shaman
Melbourne, Florida