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Kindred Tales: Handling the Hybrid

Too much to handle...

Tandy has a big problem. She stands to inherit a huge estate and the title of her late aunt but in order to prove herself worthy of the exulted position and the money that comes with it, Tandy must train her first slave. And the slave she is given to train is huge—a muscular Hybrid Kindred with rage dancing in his mismatched eyes and fangs long enough to tear her throat out. How can she possibly subdue such a massive male without losing her life? Then Tandy has an idea—in the dead of night she steals down to her new slave’s cell to offer him a deal.


Vrox is enraged to be stuck in this situation. Captured by accident, he is determined to kill whoever tries to enslave him and escape at the first opportunity. But then the curvy little female who bought him offers him a deal—if he will pretend that she has mastered him, she will give him his freedom along with a generous settlement. Vrox is intrigued by the deal but he puts his own spin on the bargain. Whatever Tandy does to him by day to prove that she is a true Mistress, he is allowed to do to her by night, in the privacy of her quarters—including any kind of sexual punishment or mastery.

Feeling she has no choice, Tandy agrees to the huge Hybrid’s terms—never expecting to lose her heart. She thinks Vrox cares for her too, but when the huge Kindred escapes and she is left to face the consequences of their deception alone, she fears that her life is over. Will she survive after…Handling the Hybrid?

June 1
Evangeline Anderson
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Racy Carr ,


Evangeline done it again. What a great book.

Though I love all the Kindred, Hybrid are one of my favorite. Vrox was a Beast and Blood Kindred. I truly felt sorry for him and felt his pain. He thought he could never bond a female and that had to be a very lonely world. I bet he wanted to kick himself for the situation he found himself in. To be a slave on Yonnie Six.

I just loved Tandy. She truly had this amazing spirit. Her heart was so tender and I know she must of felt the pain of the loss of her Aunt. I sure she truly felt alone. I hated her remaining aunt. I am sure as you read the story you will see why.

I don’t want to tell much because I don’t want to give too much away. But let’s just say there are some steamy parts, some points where one feels betrayed, times where you get to see the true protection of the kindred, and the love the Goddess has for her children.

This is a great story and so happy I got a chance to read the book.

R. Manor ,

Handling the Hybrid

Handling the Hybrid : A Kindred Tales Novel (Brides of the Kindred)

In this latest Kindred Tales Novel the talented, creative Evangeline Anderson returns to the matriarchal world of Yonnie Six. Although this planet is filled with frustrating,sadistic, strange Mistresses who believe males are so much lower than women they keep them as slaves. Many train them through pain and punishment but there are a few who are humane and kind.

Tandy was brought up on the opposite side of the planet where her mother fled when she fell in love with her father. She lived in a world with the men being equal to the women. Five years ago she goes to live with her kind Aunt who treats everyone with respect and warmth. When her aunt passes she is in line to inherit her fortune and property but has to prove she can be a “proper” mistress by the leading council. Her sadistic self serving other Aunt Deelee wants the inheritance for herself and sets Tandy up to fail by having her purchased a hybrid Kindred male who appears quite violent and dangerous at the slave market.

Tandy makes a bargain with the Kindred who cleverly turns the tables and insists that after pretending to be tamed during the nights he gets to do to her whatever she subjected him to. The hot melt your panties Hybrid Kindred has Tandy agreeing to his bargain and is determined to keep her word.
Vrox is intrigued with the young mistress especially when he learns her history. As a hybrid he has had his own issues (besides accidentally being captured and sold as a slave), he doesn’t believe he belongs to either the blood or the beast Kindred and believes he is unable to bond with a female. Vrox proves to be so much more than the dangerous male we are initially introduced to.
Of course this set up is ripe for many sensual ,creative hot and even kinky scenes (it is Yonnie Six after all). There is also suspense, danger, excitement and definitely some pulling of the heart strings before the HEA. Definitely 5🔥 of sexy that this author is so amazing at writing - keep ice water nearby and be prepared to not want to put this book down.

Tcbuck ,

To serve his mistress

This story brings us back to Yonnie Six. The planet where women rule and men are slaves. The women like to control the slaves with pain and plenty of punishment. But what happens when one of these Mistresses doesn’t want to cause pain but must. Tandy must find her way with breaking her first slave. Vrox is a hybrid Kindred and won’t make things easy for his new mistress. With Kindred you can always expect passion and a need to protect women. The story does have some dark moments but there is always a HEA. So enjoy some gorgeous male Kindred and the romance that will follow.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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