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Together they can solve any case. But when it comes to unlocking her heart, he doesn’t have a clue…

Violet Locke has always been great with puzzles. Her intellect and eye for detail let her solve just about any problem. But when it comes to people, she often finds herself without a clue. When a hunky alien moves in downstairs and immediately falls for her, will she finally learn to listen to her heart instead of her head?

Hannibal and his brothers are doing their best to assimilate to their new lives on Earth. Desperate to find mates among human women, they know their adventure will be cut short if they fail. Earth customs can be super confusing, but one thing Hannibal knows for sure is that curvy, brilliant Violet Locke is destined to be his mate. All he wants is to use his superhuman strength and powers to sweep her off her feet.

When Vi’s latest project turns into a race against time to find a neighbor’s missing dog, the two will have to work together to track it down. Though they might be close to finding the kidnapped pooch, Hannibal is afraid Vi will fail to discover that what has truly been missing from her life is love.

If you like strong women, hunky aliens, wild adventures, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Stargazer! The Stargazer Mystery Brides are an alien romance homage to the stories of Sherlock Holmes.

Stargazer Alien Mystery Brides:

- Hannibal

- Fletcher

- Spenser

September 14
13th Story Press
13th Story Press

Customer Reviews

R Starchman ,

Hannibal Stargazer Alien Mystery Brides( Book 1 by Tasha Black )

Wow what a great book to start the story of the men who came from the planet Aerie , in reading the book you will learn their story. This first book is about Hannibal and Violet and the fact they are destined mates. They also turn out to be involved in finding the dogs that have gone missing from the small town of Stargazer. Kind of a Sherlock Holmes mystery series that involves Hannibal , his two brothers and friends. I believe you will find this series very pleasant to read.

owl2772 ,

Lost and confused

Oh. Wow. Just when you thought the men from Aerie couldn’t get any sexier along comes Hannibal and his brothers. Violet is his neighbor and the attraction between the two is immediately noticeable. She tends to be a little awkward in social situations. Her brain keeps her distracted. Hannibal is drawn to that intelligence and hidden beauty. His offer of help and friendship go along way in forging their relationship. In the process of helping, they discover a mystery that seems to grow in leaps and bounds. Hannibal and Violet work together to solve it. Tasha has once again traveled to Stargazer, PA and created a realistic environment and situation that could happen if we are open minded enough.

quilts4u2 ,

Short but Sweet

I loved this story, but I just wish it was a little longer. It seemed like it was over before it really got going.

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