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Bestselling author Abigail Keam presents five of her sweet and magical romances in one easy-to-read collection.  Broken hearts are mended and the desperate find a safe haven in each story.

   “You're in for a magical treat about real life . . .” – Readers’ Favorite


Eva had a career, a brownstone in Brooklyn, and a sexy husband. Or so she thought. Suddenly, Eva loses her husband, the brownstone and her career. With the clothes on her back, she flees cold New York for sunnier Key Largo. As Eva puts it, her marriage went south and so did she. It’s sink or swim for Eva. Starting over is hard for anyone, Eva wonders if she can. Eva buys and renovates the Last Chance Motel, a rundown mid-century motel. She hires Mike Bishop as her general contractor, but from the outset they spat over the renovation. Yet, she’s drawn to Mike. 

Eva’s ex-husband shows up seeking forgiveness. He wants her back. 

What’s Eva to do?  Give up on the motel and go back to her ex, or stick with the remodel and Mike? One thing Eva knows, as the Last Chance Motel comes back to life, so does she.



Lillian is miserable. Her husband drinks and hits her, and her grown daughter treats her as a servant. Realizing she is wasting time on two people who don’t care, Lillian leaves her self-indulgent family in search of a better life.  She flees to Key Largo and the Last Chance Motel. There she heals from years of abuse.  Lillian works hard to begin anew on the island of sun and play.  She makes new friends, but not without cost. Lillian finds herself the victim of a stalker bent on making her new life miserable. Only this time, she is going to confront her tormentor. Lillian is determined to make a new life and perhaps even find love. 


River Egan is a widower on vacation with his daughter and grandson. Having spent many wonderful vacations at the Last Chance Motel, River returns to relive his past, but he can’t. Time has moved on, and so has the Last Chance Motel. It is now called the Pink Flamingo and has a new owner, Eva Bishop. Not ready to park himself in a rocking chair, River vows to begin life anew. It doesn’t hurt that Eva’s mother-in-law, Mary, is attractive, vital, and near his age. The problem is that Mary doesn’t return River’s enthusiasm.  River has a solution. He’ll just charm Mary until she gives in, but Mary turns the tables on him. Will River get a second chance at love or the heave-ho from Mary? Love has a way of entering hearts at the Last Chance Motel.


Gigi Meade is a veterinarian attending a family reunion in Key Largo. To her surprise, her high school sweetheart is also a guest on vacation. Nathan Bradshaw is her great love that she let slip away. Gigi always regretted losing Nathan, but now she has a second chance to rectify the past. Maybe! Gigi is horrified to learn that Nathan has come for his wedding. Katherine, Nathan’s fiancée, is an 11 on the gorgeous scale. How can plain Gigi compete with her? Realizing it’s too late for them, Gigi wishes only the best for Nathan. She just doesn’t stand a chance to win Nathan back. Or does she? 


Piper Hathaway discovers that her husband Joel is thinking about leaving her and their two children.  She loves her husband and doesn’t want to lose him.  What to do?  Desperate to reconnect with Joel, Piper plans a Christmas vacation at the Last Chance Motel where miracles happen. Piper prays for one, but everything falls apart. The children cause trouble and Joel is distant. Piper’s ready to give up, but something holds her back -- the ethereal singing Piper hears in the lagoon each day at dawn.

Eva Hanover, the motel’s owner, says the magical singing comes from a siren of the sea. Legend says if you catch a mermaid singing something wonderful will happen. Piper doesn’t believe in mermaids, but she needs a miracle and a second chance at love!

March 8
Worker Bee Press

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