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Don’t break a witch’s heart. A beautifully tragic love story spanning a thousand years. A mystical gothic romance, full of suspenseful twists and compelling characters who will lead you into their hidden world, where nothing is as it seems... A millennia ago, Victoria was jilted at the altar. Under the full moon, she forsakes her soul and is forced to roam the land waiting for the next incarnation of her lover, Zane. So many tormented nights of endless searching. Too many hollow days of the constant craving. So much time wasted. And her only companion is her dead heart, evermore bitter, as she marches hostile and dangerous through to modern day...Four women. Two lifetimes in a thousand years because the devil had other plans. Who will reach Zane first? Who will win his heart? Who will help him escape this time? Who will be tricked to death? Elspeth believes she is going mad when an internal and extreme voice begins to interfere in her life. It is very determined Elspeth should comply with its demands. And not all of them are good. Megan skates on the thin edge of sanity at the best of times, so when a white stag steps out of the mists twice in a day, Megan finds herself sailing sideways towards an explosive destination. Josephine stares at her reflection: long black hair, eyes of grey - and glaring back are witch's eyes of black onyx - full of scorn for such cruel betrayal. Zane has an eerie, unshakable feeling that something inevitable is about to happen. In his nightmares, he is stalked by a beautiful evil creature. By day, these women are drawing steadily closer...The hands of fate grip forever around the throats of the lost, dragging them ever nearer to damnation. Fast-paced, funny and heart-breaking, in a world where nothing is as it seems; everyone is running a race where the goal is uncertain and the contestants unknown.

December 18
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