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The Survival Mom Radio Network includes over a dozen amazing podcasters who are experts in all different areas of preparedness. This short book includes the very best top tips from the Hosts of The Survival Mom Radio Network. But who are they and what do they talk (and podcast and blog) about?

Whether you are interested in healthy living, home & family, homesteading, growing & preserving food, prepping, or survival -- they're all here! The Hosts of the Survival Mom Radio Network are moms just like you and me. They aren’t Navy SEALS or paramilitary specialists. Most of them have learned skills like canning, gardening, and dehydrating food in the last few years.

Each one has their own specific area of interest, although some are similar. For instance, two hosts might both focus on cooking, but one is more interested in farm to table and the other with gluten and allergen free. Every one of them is concerned about their family finances. They are trying hard to make what they have stretch as far as possible. They have found that certain things are healthier, cheaper, and just plain easy to do – once you get started.

Survival Mom hosts are anxious to make sure their families are prepared, even for life’s small, personal emergencies – like Mom getting sick when the larder is bare. Survival Moms aim to make sure there is always enough of the basics so that even in an everyday emergency or worst-case scenario, her family will still eat well, have plenty of water to drink, and keep clean.
Enjoy this e-book, chock full of great tips!

Health, Mind & Body
November 25
POV Press
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