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10 Resolutions. 2 Friends. 1 Shot At Love

I’ll admit, having nine New Year's resolutions makes me twitchy. After all, I’m Allison Gottlieb; overthinker, overachiever, hot mess extraordinaire. I’ve spent my entire life trying to be the best but for some reason, I’ve always fallen short. When a near meltdown (and maybe too much champagne) lands me in front of an old friend, things finally start looking up.

If Mateo Ramirez, personal trainer, self-discipline junkie, and the Internet’s favorite smoothie-making underwear model, offers to help you, you say yes. We haven't seen each other in years but if anyone can help me turn my life around, it’s him. His smokin’ hot body is cold, hard proof of that.

Don’t judge me; I’m a lawyer. I like proof. A lot.

Mateo promises to test my limits and help me face my fears. He’s even feeding my neurosis by giving me that wonderfully even-numbered tenth resolution. But what I don’t know is that, in the midst of helping me check each item off my agenda, he has some resolutions of his own. And they all lead to one thing: becoming more than friends.

Eleven romantic comedy authors have teamed up to bring you *Happy New You*, a sexy, funny, heartwarming story about friendship, perseverance, and finding love in this crazy thing we call life. Oh, and the magic of onesie pajamas.

April 8
Kydala Publishing, Inc.
Charles Heintzelman

Customer Reviews

Romance213 ,

“I never knew that letting go could feel like this.”

We all start the New Year on a positive note with a promise to exercise more, possibly finding a new job, or taking more time for yourself. The calendar is new and full of empty pages to fill in with fun activities to make this year something to look forward to. Allison is a hard working lawyer who has absolutely no time for a personal life. She found herself at her co-worker’s New Year’s Eve party and she definitely wished she had stayed home. She did look fabulous in her red dress but she wasn’t interested in meaningless conversations with people from work. If only she had a sign as to what direction her life should take, or an idea of how to be more spontaneous and fun loving. Allison snuck out of the party early, wrapped in her warm coat, and the cold and windy night gave way to a chance meeting that would change her life. Mateo saw Allison sneak away from the party and was determined to follow her so they could catch up. Their friendship had always been important to him and he felt bad that they had lost touch over the years. She was just as beautiful as he remembered but he was unsure how she would react when she saw him. Mateo was happy with his life and career but something was missing, and he knew who it was. How does Allison react when Mateo reappears in her life? Could this possibly be the sign she was looking for? I never thought that making a New Year’s resolution was important but after reading “Happy New You”, I think that Allison had the right idea. She just wanted to have fun, try new things and become a better version of herself. Lucky for her, Mateo was there to join her on her journey.

11tms69 ,

Loved the beginning but...

This book had me hooked at the beginning but lost me when she immediately went back to her old self after promising to do better. Not a big fan of that and not interested in reading about it.

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