Happy Spank Patrick's Day  [Suncoast Society] Happy Spank Patrick's Day  [Suncoast Society]
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Happy Spank Patrick's Day [Suncoast Society‪]‬

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[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M, M/M/M, M/M/F, with some FF, sex toys, HEA] Cali, Max, and Sean are hosting a kinky St. Patrick's Day party for the Suncoast Society. From unicorn shibari photo shoots to crazy party games, it's bound to be a wild night. Even if Cali's bondage-loving cat, Baxter, has been confined to a back room for the duration of the festivities. Yet it's not all fun and games. Before the party even happens, tragedy overshadows the evening, driving home the point that life is short and uncertain, friends are everything, and each moment should be fully appreciated. It also brings a lingering, unsettled question back to the forefront for the triad. For tonight, they've been asked to carry on, and that's what they'll do. But as the party plays out around them, will their future path finally solidify in their minds, or will it leave them with more doubts and questions than answers? **A Siren Erotic Romance

Fiction & Literature
March 20

Customer Reviews

WhiteWitch0519 ,

Suncoast Society Book #47. Another amazing BDSM erotic romance by Tymber Dalton!

Tymber Dalton is my favorite author & an automatic buy every time she releases a new book. Happy Spank Patrick's Day is the 47th book in the Suncoast Society series & is another of Ms. Dalton's holiday-themed BDSM private party books. To me, these are always a treat & very special. As you can guess from the title, this time the holiday is St. Patrick's Day. This time around, it's Callie, Max & Sean who are hosting the party. Everything's great in the days leading up to the party. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, tragedy strikes two members of the Suncoast Society's intimate party group. Cali, Sean & Max want to cancel the party. No one's going to want to attend a BDSM play party. not when their friends are in such pain. No one's going to be in a party mood. But, as much as the triad believes they should cancel, the two affected by the tragedy insist the party go on as planned. The rest of the group isn't quite sure but, respecting the wishes of their dearest friends, the party proceeds on schedule. At first, the party mood is subdued. The festive atmosphere & playfulness that normally surround each party takes quite a while to kick in. But, despite the cloud that hangs over the group, they finally take their friends' wishes to heart. The party's soon in full swing. There's the requisite rigging contest with green rope to celebrate the occasion, with Scrye & June, Leah & Justin & others participating. Some of the submissives & switches have dressed up but sometimes it's hard to tell which switch is on top! There are also new members to the party group. Ethan & Brita have been slowly leaning into the BDSM lifestyle & this is their first play party. Leanna & Sharon are relatively new to the group & they're looking forward to an evening of play. Of course, Leah & Seth are there, as are Justin, Wade & Glen. Keith & Scott are there but without their third, Scott's wife, Noel. Jake, Ben, Bill, Gabe, Loren, Ross, Essie, Mark, Ted, Josh, almost everyone is there. Even though they're missing two, people are enjoying themselves. But the tragedy suffered by their friends brings something that's been simmering in the background to the forefront of Cali, Sean & Max's relationship. Each one of the triad has been thinking about what happened to their friends & each has to make a decision that could irreversibly change their relationship. A difficult choice hangs in the balance. Can the triad come together again like they've done before & make it all work? Or will this be the one time when things just might fall apart? And how will their friends make it through their own personal suffering? The two affected are so alone & lost in their grief & as much as the rest of the group wants to help them, you can't force yourself or your love on people who just aren't ready to give up their grief. Ms. Dalton has done it yet again. She's crafted a story filled with fun, drama, tragedy, laughter, tears, joy & heartbreak. She's woven it together so skillfully that it seems effortless. Happy Spank Patrick's Day is a fantastically amazing story full of incredibly real & genuine people. I felt the emotions of each character vividly & I alternately literally laughed out loud & cried until my tears blurred my vision & ran down my face. That's just how real & well-created the characters in all her books are. The fact that Ms. Dalton has been an active participant in the BDSM lifestyle for many years only adds to the authenticity of the details of that lifestyle as portrayed in her novels. Ms. Dalton's books ALWAYS have the ability to pull me in from the very beginning. Her skill as an author is exceptional. Happy Spank Patrick's Day is absolutely wonderful addition to the series. If you enjoy the erotic romance genre, you'll absolutely LOVE Happy Spank Patrick's Day. I highly recommend this book and give it my highest rating without reservation!

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