Hard and Rough: A First Time Gay Triple-Play‪!‬

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Three blazing hot tales (all previously released) of hard young men experience gay sex for the first time!

You get:
The Roughness of Strangers
Beta Boi for the College Alpha

I was just like everyone else, only I wasn't. I just wanted to find someone. But when you grow up in a strict, religious environment, you realize that you need to hide a few facts from your family.

College was no better. The only school I could get into and afford was a lot like home, only worse. Conservative was almost too liberal a word. I hid my true self from everyone, even my dorm mate. I would stay up late at night, after he was asleep, perusing the online classified ads and imagining myself meeting those men.

But one ad really caught my eye. His picture was HOT! He was older and what he wanted was rough, hardly beginner-level stuff, but I wanted it more than anything. I wanted HIM more than anything.

Nervous, I answered his ad.

The next night, I found myself at a sleazy motel, just outside of town, where only the shadiest of characters go. And here I was, just an average guy from suburbia, pure of heart but dirty of mind.

Oh, I had no idea....

The coldest winter night is about to become the hottest of his life!

He needed to drive from New York to LA but he had no money for gas. He put up an ad at school for someone to share expenses with. Bill, a big, handsome jock answered it.

Trying to stay ahead of a huge winter storm, they leave early, ending his chances for one last, special night with the ladies. Bill is cool, though he likes to thump his Bible a lot and seems more than a bit homophobic.

Which is strange, considering our hero catches him in the middle of a late-night orgy, in the back room of the divey motel they're stuck in when the storm overtakes them. Five men are going at it and our guy finds it hot. Overwhelming. Intoxicating.

He has to take part, even if it's just letting one guy go down on him.

But you know it's not going to stop there. He's in for the wildest winter night of his life!

Snowballing is a sensual and erotic tale of hot man-on-man-on-man love. Look Inside and see!

His first year at college. Craig was away from home for the first time. Just another white, middle-class guy who had never had luck with the ladies before, hoping to reinvent himself and finally get some action.

His dorm mate was a cool guy. He took to him immediately. He had met a couple of hot girls and they were going to meet up later at a place called Darby's. Everybody who was anybody would be there, looking for action. They could be each other's wingman.

But things didn't work out. The roommate and his girl split pretty quick and Craig's "date" didn't want to have anything to do with him.

That's when he noticed the giant of a black man at the pool table, watching him and waving him over. Something was triggered deep inside as one game became two, which then became three. Each time, he bested the black man. Down 6 balls to two, Craig gets cocky and the black man makes him a bet: Whoever loses the game has to submit to every sexual whim of the winner. Craig knows he can't lose so he takes it.

He learns real quick that the big black man is a hustler and soon finds himself in the man's house.

On his knees.

His heart racing!

Fiction & Literature
January 10
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