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Elves aren't the only sexy ones, you know. In these modern post-Hobbit days, it is high time we culture acknowledged one simple truth: dwarves can, in fact, be smokin’ hot. From the deep, rich and remote places of the world come legends of these fascinating beings: earthen men and women, fae kings, great metal workers and miners, mighty warriors, they are compact but virile mythological figures.

In Hard as Stone, editor Julie Cox brings together erotic stories of brawny builders and earthy smiths in which love can be robust, hearty, hardworking, bearded, and short... or not, as size is relative. And it's not the size of the hammer that matters, but how it's used... and perhaps how beautiful the sex toy is that one can craft with it. 

Many of the stories in this volume also pick up on the notion that dwarven societal gender and biological sex characteristics may not be divided along the same lines as humans, and gay, lesbian, and genderqueer themes are amply represented in these stories. All the stories are magical, whether they touch on the modern world or delve deep into the realms of high fantasy. Some are bawdy, some are darker in tone--all are sizzling with sexuality. 

Includes the stories:

Stolen Days by TS Porter

Rainbows in Hollywood by Lacie M. Jeffers

Ash and Elm by Bess Lyre

Wizard'Staff by Julie Cox

Cave Dwellers by Alanna McFall

To Those Who Move Mountains by Jason Carpenter

Don'Screw the Messenger by Jessica McHugh

Of Greed and Eager Things by Edda Grenade

Fiction & Literature
November 16
Circlet Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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