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<p>Hard Desires is the fourth short story collection from erotica author Shala Breece. This collection features three tantilizing M/F stories of black, interracial and paranormal erotica. Following a break-up with her cheating boyfriend, Kesha meets a delicious new man who can satisfy her every desire; Laura takes a new job with an incredibly attractive boss, and must decide whether to keep her feelings for him a secret; and finally, Julian the vampire has a unique touch with every woman he has sex with, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Hard Desire&rsquo;s three unique stories contain plenty of sexy action to satisfy everyone&rsquo;s carnal desires.

The Man With The Chocolate Rod
After a heart-wrenching break up with her boyfriend, Kesha decides to go clubbing as part of the first step on her journey to find herself. She meets the handsome Damian Rod, who keeps the drink flowing at the club. They soon find themselves back up against the wall in the club grinding to the music while he explores her entire body inside and out. Kesha, fueled by her sensations of his touch, invites him back to her house and indulges in his big dark chocolate rod. Soon enough she finds herself unable to stay away from Damian and his goodies. When her ex-boyfriend comes back to her on his knees with a beautiful diamond ring and keys to her dream car, Kesha must choose between her new lover and their erotic adventures or her old love with whom she can presumably settle down and start a family.

His Personal Sexetary
A new job with one of New York's most affluent attorneys is Laura's dream come true. However, she soon realizes that working with Chris Satin means long nights at the office, late night dinners with his clients, and a battle to conceal her attraction to him. When he invites her to his condo one night during a snow storm, they quickly find themselves giving in to suppressed desires. Laura is left lightheaded from the experience. But when his estranged wife returns with news of a baby on the way, Laura's dreams of being with Chris are crushed. But is Chris&rsquo;s ex-wife trying one of the oldest tricks in the book just to win her man back?

Torn: Sacrifices Of A Vampire Prince
As the heir to the Melosy Clan, Julian has his work cut out for him. Julian Devon is a vampire, but not an ordinary vampire. The Melosy Clan had developed a resistance to the effects of sunlight; they could move about in the daylight with little ill effect. Julian moves around in the daytime, satisfying his lust for beautiful women. But there's just one problem. These women all seem to be having a negative reaction to his vampire touch. He is forced to decide whether he will allow these possessed women to roam the streets, killing any and everyone in their path, or whether he can destroy the women he loves.


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April 21

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