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A sexy, gripping romantic suspense…

She has three rules: No marriage. No children. No promise.

He's going to love her.

Thad Bowers, Vice President of Notus Motorcycle Club, searches for missing persons when he's not punching the clock at Port Loaders. He goes out of his way to hold those he loves close since his sister was kidnapped and murdered twenty-four years ago, and he lost his MC brother in the aftermath. So, when the mysterious woman who has tempted him one too many times needs his help, he's not walking away. No matter how many rules she throws at him.

As a 911 dispatcher, Lena Hollis deals with emergencies from a safe distance. She enjoys a quiet, private life, with the occasional non-committal date thrown in for excitement. But, her simple life grows complicated when Tigres, a local gang, puts a mark on her back and her recent date hauls her to his house for her protection. A home that includes parents, bikers, and a huge social circle. Everything she doesn't want in her life.

Lena brings new meaning to being the black sheep of the family. Thad's going to do everything within his power to show her what it feels like to give and receive love. To hell with the rules…

September 14
Debra Kayn
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,

3.5 stars

Lena and Thad met one night at a bar. He was drawn to her immediately and asked her out. She went to his house and after he tried to get her to stay she told him she wasn’t interested in being someone else he collected for sex. When they ended up going on a second date she lays down her rules which were pretty much a relationship of just sex. It made no sense to me. There was some intrigue surrounding why a gang had marked her, as well as the current missing person Notus was searching for. Lena also had a crap childhood while Thad’s was great up until his sister was murdered when he was around 20. I liked the book okay but didn’t care for Lena through much of it.

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