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Dillon is the hottest bad-boy star in Hollywood, sexy as sing, but he's also a jerk. I'm...well I'm nobody. Just a girl from Kansas with big dreams, a broken down car, and no money to my name. Now, Dillon is my boss. If I get into his bed like I want, I'll get fired and kicked to the curb. I need the job, but I *want* Dillon.

January 9
Margaret Marr
Happily Ever After Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,

Hard Glamour

Reviewed this book from the older version..

This story is of Lane, a small town girl who is following her dreams to Hollywood only to find its not all it's cracked up to be..with no job and little money she hooks up with Dillion and up and rising star.

Lots of heat, attraction, super stardom, rich and famous are just some of the things happening in this story.

Ashberry01 ,

I’m sorry but no...

The book I couldn’t even finish it. I hate writing bad reviews but I just don’t understand how u can make him a love character it’s pretty predictable a naive girl goes to LA hoping to find everything she dreamed of. she ends up homeless she finds a friend who helps her out. and she ends up living with the assh*le love interest . he was a complete jerk . just cuz he helped his brother out and saved homeless dogs isn’t an excuse for him to be a complete jerk the only nice thing he did was fix laneys car. And she’s completely In love with him which doesn’t make sense because he criticizes her from the beginning by making fun of her in front of a huge crowd to calling her pathetic behind a bar and then bangs another girl under her window and she’s helpless. I just don’t understand how girls can fall for that kind of act he was not nice. And it just made me so mad how she tripped over-herself to be with him. I’m sorry I do not reccomend unless u like a weak character who falls for the next jerk ...

Bocarb ,

This Is Only the Beginning

What a way to start a series! This was a strong story with great character building and strong roots. Loved It!!😍

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