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Dear Jackson,

I'm leaving you this note because I know you're very busy and I don't want to waste the town sheriff's time. Lord knows I've already wasted enough of it.

Thank you for taking me home last night and...everything else. I made you a basket of wild blueberry muffins for your trouble. That seemed like the appropriate baked good for getting naked in your living room.

I wasn't myself last night. I didn't mean to kiss you or fondle your backside or ask all those intimate questions. Thank you for pretending to enjoy it.

It was very noble of you to sleep on the couch while I was starfished on your bed. I couldn't help but notice it's quite large. The bed, that is. I swear, I didn't notice anything else when I let myself out this morning. 

As you know, Talbott's Cove is a ridiculously small town and there's no chance we can avoid each other. Not that I'd want to avoid you, of course, but I'm not sure I can look at you without thinking of the forty different ways I made a fool of myself. 

Instead of avoidance, let's try to be friends. We'll forget all about last night…if that's what you want.

Please burn this note after you read it—


p.s. I whipped up some cinnamon buns, too. Please enjoy them. I'm not sure why, but I couldn't get buns out of my mind today.

June 29
Vesper Press
Vesper Press

Customer Reviews

Amolux ,

Well done! Sooo well done.

I prefer for reviews to tell me everything I want to know, and yet still be sans spoilers.

So here’s my attempt:
I appreciate well written and smart books. I believe Romance, as a genre, suffers for people’s beliefs that it isn’t, or can’t be. Contemporary Romance probably takes many of those hits, just as a virtue of sheer volume.

So that said, this was a great, not good, book.
I loved the humor, the flow, the repartee, and the intent.
As with the content, this was a slow build of fun, and flames!, but more importantly, the relationship.
This was smart and sexy and fun. It was culturally relevant (and sassy there!), and also singularly funny. The way you want to laugh during sexy times, because it IS so good, while also thoughtful, because, dang, I do care about that person, and their thoughts.

My only complaint is that I don’t get to read more of these stories more often, but quality over quantity.

DMS267 ,

Incredible Book!!

What an incredible book!! Flowing with clever dialogue, off the chart sexual chemistry & wonderful characters, this is a must read!

After Annette is introduced to the boyfriend of the man she hoped to share a future with, she takes to the local bar to drown her sorrows & Sheriff Jackson Lau is called in to escort her home. This is no hardship for Jackson who’s totally smitten with the pretty bookstore owner & it’s all he can do to resist her charms, especially when she strips naked in his living room. Steamy almost refrigerator sex, drunken regrets and many baked goods follow, resulting in Jackson wanting to build a relationship and Annette retreating, afraid of getting too involved.

This story made me want to visit Maine, to walk the streets of Talbott Cove and interact with these characters. Jackson is one sexy, dirty talking sweetheart of a man and Annette is just the right combination of quirky & adorable- I can relate to her love of The Great British Bake Off. And crazy bff Brook, with her hilarious texts & fierce devotion, so deserves her own book. Hard Pressed is part of a loosely connected series but can absolutely be read as a stand-alone.

Sammylove79 ,

Baked to Perfection!

Standalone, HEA, low angst, easy read, smart humor

Annette is the town’s sweetheart in Talbot’s Cove. She is a successful business owner of the local bookstore. Annette’s misplaced crush and subsequent heartbreak has her doubting in her abilities to judge relationships. But her obsession with the Great British Bake Off has her seducing the new Sherriff’s taste buds.
Sheriff Jackson Lau is new to Talbot’s Cove and is looking forward to becoming a Main’er for life. He tries to avoid small town gossip and Annette’s sexy ankles. But an official call to escort a certain drunken book store owner from the local watering hole ends his resolve to avoid Annette.
Ms Canterbary delivers witty dialogue, hilarious side characters, sexy times, and a love story worth reading!!

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