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Was It a Drug Overdose, Or Murder?

Ten years ago, a young woman was found dead in an abandoned drug house, the cause of death ruled as a drug overdose. The case was moved to the cold-case files, and there it stayed, until ten years later, when a random search into what appeared to be an unrelated case is brought to light, thus, opening a Pandora's Box of old hurts and wounds long since buried, and a hidden secret, that once discovered, could mean the death of Lily Greenwood and her niece, Chandra.

Lily and Chandra moved to Lindsay, NC to begin a new life. Unfortunately, the secrets and lies she tried to leave behind, followed her, and now, that new life could come to an end before it begins. Especially, after she and Chandra are pulled over for speeding by Granville County's too fine Sheriff, MacArthur (Mac) Trainer. To Lily, Mac was the finest specimen of a man she'd ever known, and just the thought of him gave her the most erotic thoughts. But she knew those thoughts were too dangerous to pursue, and if she was going to keep her secrets hidden, she had to avoid the sheriff at all costs.

It was obvious to Mac that Lily was hiding something, especially after she was practically run off the road by an unknown assailant, and when he walked in on her purchasing a gun, he knew he had to get to the bottom of what was really going on. Day by day, as his attraction for her grew, he knew if he was going to share a life with Lindsay's newest resident and her obnoxious, gum-popping niece, he had to unravel the secrets they brought with them from New York.

What was Lily hiding and what was her connection to the death of the young, unidentified woman ten years ago, which was now the center of Sheriff Mac Trainer's investigation? Can he untangle the maze of secrets and lies and stop whoever was trying to silence the only person connected to it all – Lily Greenwood?

Fiction & Literature
May 5
Gayle Phillips-Roberson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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