Hard Pursuit

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She walked away once…

When ER nurse Kristi Chang met former Army Ranger Malik Jones in Antarctica eighteen months ago, they agreed to sex with no strings. She had no idea that Malik would turn out to be the most fun she’d ever had. Or that a big, bad soldier could be so sweet. Or that she would still be thinking of him more than a year later. Now working with an international aid organization in Nigeria, Kristi regrets letting him go. When gunmen suddenly attack and tear her from her medical unit and force her at gunpoint to care for their leader, she knows she’ll have to use her wits if she wants to stay alive. She warns her captors that she’s married to a Ranger named Malik who will kill any man who touches her. If only that were true…

Now he’ll do anything to free her…

Malik hasn’t forgotten a single incredible moment he spent with Kristi. When he gets the news that she’s been abducted, he is gutted and wants to get Cobra’s guns into the fight to free her. A veteran of more than a few rescues, he knows only too well how brutal captivity can be for a woman and wants to get her out of there as soon as possible. But the State Department decides to let local authorities handle the situation and gives Cobra a different assignment, leaving Malik no choice but to quit the job he loves to go after Kristi himself. But locating her in an area bigger than the state of Texas and freeing her from a band of ruthless killers by himself isn’t going to be easy.

But the threat is greater than they realize…

When Malik appears out of nowhere and saves her life, Kristi thinks she’s dreaming. As she recovers from her ordeal, the heat between them once again flares into passion. This time, however, it’s not just about lust and physical pleasure. Their hearts are on the line. But in rescuing Kristi, Malik has kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest, unleashing the wrath of a ruthless criminal organization bent on revenge. It will take all of their strength and skill to survive—and turn this second chance at romance into the love of a lifetime.

December 15
Pamela Clare
Pamela White

Customer Reviews

Blue Bagelman 2020 ,

An interesting and fun read but beware it’s formulaic

I really did enjoy the setting and the developing relationships- especially with the young boy Obi.
However, I’m getting a bit tired of the formula. The heroine gets hurt. Then rescued. Then the hero gets hurt and the heroine has to rescue him. To be fair, in this genre we all typically want a happy ending. But that doesn’t mean the author always has to play it “safe”. The heroine always gets rescued just in time. The exception - the book where the reporter was rescued after 18 months of captivity- I going to be the best this author ever wrote- maybe because it wasn’t following the formula. It was more devastating to read but it also felt more real as a result.
Finally, how in the world would the heroine’s family not immediately fly out to see her as soon as she was back in the US? This is not the first book the author wrote where seemingly caring parents don’t seem to have much of a crap about their adult children. If the parents were described as unloving then ok, but that’s not the case. It just boggles the mind. To me, it just is so not realistic. If I were to come back to the states after being away for over a year and then held captive, and my parents couldn’t take time out of their lives to see me in person… I cannot even finish that sentence.

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