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Note: This collection contains all of the stories from 'Hardcore Gay Erotica Vol.3' and 'Hardcore Gay Erotica Vol. 4'.

Eight erotic stories by Dick powers. Included are the story of a repairman that comes to fix the cable and ends up fixing himself up with the two hot blonds who live in the mansion, a sleazy salesman manipulating a customer only to be used in turn, a footballer trying to save his sponsorship by any means necessary, and many more. There's something for everyone within!

A selection of stories from 'Hardcore Gay Erotica Vol. 7':

# Repairman VS Hot Guy (Uniform)
Called out and called in. Sex is on the agenda and he only came to fix the cable! Two is the charm as two handsome blonde playboy brothers give the repairman a thorough inspection. Dick Powers gets seriously dirty with this nasty job perfect to fulfill a fantasy or two just for you. Intense action and more waits within!

# Salesman VS Customer (Kinky)
He is manipulative and manipulated. He is one man, dominate, sexual, and in for a shock. Sporty and sexy, the customer has it going on and then some. The sleazy salesman has met his match in the gorgeous customer. It's time to get wild and get paid. Dick Powers takes you into a seedy world that is highly sexual at the same time. Man on man? Get inside to find out who wins this service war!

# Footballer VS Sponsor (Seduction)
The footballer knows he is in trouble. After a scandalous revelation, he must beg and plead to ensure his billionaire sponsor doesn't fire him on the spot. However, a surprise is waiting. Maybe begging won't be that bad? Dick Powers brings you a fun fantasy filled with sex and thrills. Come enjoy a fantasy with a difference.

# Artist VS Gallery Owner (Romance)
An egotistic artist meets a rather normal art gallery owner and sparks fly with intense fury. Sex so sordid it will make your wildest fantasies seem like day dreams, this full on story from Dick Powers will entertain and enchant. This is everything you need to spark the fury of your own engines, all in one small package. Built for your enjoyment. We recommend you hit download now!

# Hotel Manager VS Gay Playboy (Opposites Attract)
"It's a catastrophe!" Four words lead to the ultimate sexual experience for one man. He never thought he would be doing something like this, but he is. Too sexy for words, this erotic story by Dick Powers will take you to the edge and beyond with its sexy depiction of an uncommon fantasy that is more than a little plausible. Can you afford to miss the fun?

# Shelf Stocker VS Storeman (Kinky)
Supermarket sex? All those cucumbers and condoms, what is a gay guy to do? The stocker stocks up on man dew in this shocking workplace story of cameras, secrets and sex. Hidden truths lie within, can you handle the fantasy? Brought to you by the erotic fantasy master Dick Powers.

# Food Vendor VS Food Vendor (Odd Romance)
A roll of masking tape. A dark alleyway. A negotiation you will never forget. Love thy neighbor - love him lots! Sexy, gorgeous, fantastic, this story takes you to a world where fast food is serious business - sexually serious. Dick Powers brings you the hottest role play ever with another odd, but kinky pairing. Be ready to be bound and punished and enjoy every moment of it.
# Teacher VS Teacher (Romance)
Two teachers - one forbidden love. The school district says that no two teachers can fraternize under the guidelines they set out in the work contracts they have teachers sign. However, these two can't keep their hands off each other. What is there to do when the thing you want most is so near but so far at the same time?

Fiction & Literature
September 15
Lunatic Ink Publishing
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