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The tattooed demoness, Bone, doesn’t like anything except the magical weapons she makes. But she has hidden talents few know about. When I was brought to her near death, she used her Seraph song to manipulate flesh and bone to heal me. But she wasn’t happy about it.

Now I must return the favor. Even though she refuses to take sides in the apocalypse, there’s one job she’s not willing to do for the demon prince Rook. If she doesn’t, her head will end up on a spike. Of course, there’s a good chance we’re all going to die anyway, but I will do anything to protect this fierce woman—and not just because she saved me.

So, we’re both off to kill a demon—or three—and possibly save the world.

Each book in the Dominion series is STANDALONE:
* The Deepest Well (prequel)
* Darkest Heart
* Hardest Fall
* Coldest Fire

February 25
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

So good!

Book 1 and now 2 in the Dominion series are my first taste of this authors work and I have to mention that the biggest take I've gotten, is how vivid the scenes are written. The detail in which the author has brought this paranormal world alive has me wishing to see this made into a movie.

Right from the start the action is on and doesn't stop until the end. There are battles that involve angels, demons, demon hunters and even humans. I like that the author doesn't make the good and the bad as black and white. Some demons are evil, some are fighting for good. It makes for an interesting mix of characters.

I love Bone's character. She's a fierce woman that may have lost her way but not her honor. Her past with Rook brought an intensity to the story. With the tremendous power he holds and how cruel he is, I really couldn't wait to see how Bone and Xander were going to defeat him.

What I liked about Xander was how he was relentless in his pursuit of Bone. He knew she had so much good in her that he was determined to pull her off the sidelines and to fight for their cause. It wasn't always about the cause though. He knew she was meant for him, it didn't matter that she was a demoness and he was a demon hunter.

There are many great side characters in this series and I have my fingers crossed for Uriel and Maximus to have their own story. There is just enough mystery around them that I'm super intrigued.

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