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Roan Gregory, one of the four owners of Pier 70 Marina, has managed to paint himself as a loner in recent months. There’s a reason for that.  And he’s got every intention of keeping that reason a secret. That is, until he no longer has the option.


Colton Seguine, defenseman for the Austin Arrows, has gotten good at keeping the world from finding out that he’s gay. He knows exactly what he can and cannot do. And with whom. That is, until he sees Roan for the first time and all bets are off.


Temperatures soar when this brooding bad boy gets his first taste of this smoking hot hockey player. 

Can Roan and Seg push past each other’s defenses? Or, thanks to the way the cards have been dealt, will the time they spent together prove to be just a harmless one night stand?

March 28
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

Customer Reviews

thebatman331 ,

The Queen has done it again!

Hot Dayum!! <3

Nicole Edwards is the queen of the M/M romance and she has once again blown me away!

One Night...that was all it was supposed to be.
Nothing more Nothing less
So, why is it that neither man can get the other out of their minds?

*Secret(s)* - something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Both Roan & Seg have them and let me tell you....they are doozies!!!!!

I'm not giving y'all any more than that; because this book is an *add to the top of your TBR list..for immediate reading pleasure book* and you don't want to miss out.

I promise you will not be disappointed. In fact, I promise you will be drawn in to the steamy hot pleasure shared between two extremely hot..extremely alpha males.

Wookiee 45 ,

Favorite of the series!!!

5 stars for - Harmless - the fourth and final book in the Pier 70 series by Nicole Edwards. This has easily been one of my most favorite books written by her to date. Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone, but I truly feel you learn more on a whole if you read them in order. This is a beautifully written MM romance between two incredibly hot alpha males so reader discretion is advised. I literally read this book cover to cover in one day - it was that good!
Colton (Seg) Seguine is a very large, very built defensemen for the Austin Arrows. Seg has always had issues with his sexuality until he meets Roan. Playing professional sports and being openly gay aren't widely accepted and Seg doesn't want to be the posterboy for the NHL.
Roan Gregory has been "out" since he was fourteen-years-old and for the most part relatively happy. While sitting at a bar in Austin he is approached by a sinfully hot man that he quickly realizes is a pro hockey player that everyone assumes is straight. Roan gives this guy the brush off multiple times, but he doesn't seem to want to take the hint. Roan finally agrees to a drink and decides he has nothing to lose and follows Seg to his place.
This was such a beautiful story of acceptance, love and family. Loved the whole dynamic between Roan and Seg that was both smoking hot and intense. Then we also got to see all the other couples from the first three books too. Hopefully this won't be the last time we see the Pier 70 crew.

2kasmom ,


This is book #4, in the Pier 70 series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment and understanding, without the spoilers, I recommend reading in order.

Roan has a past with Colton AKA Seg, a past he wants no one to know about. Aside from the pain and humiliation it brings, it could be detrimental to Colton's career. Roan knows that nothing short of a miracle would change things. He also knows he has too much on his plate now to look back.

Colton has never wanted anything the way he wants just a chance of a future with Roan. One that does not seem to be mutual. Can he change the man's mind before it's too late?

There is so much to this story. I was eagerly turning pages. This book has rich characters with serious heart. The story also calls for some heat. Really good read with characters you can enjoy again and again. This will be one I add to my permanent shelf.

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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