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A hometown sweetheart gives a returning baseball hero a second chance…

Previously released as Just One of Those Things.

Matt Dawson has returned to Harmony Springs after ten years of pitching in the major leagues. His father thinks he’s a screw-up who should have joined the Army instead of playing ball. His old buddies think he’s a hero with a bottomless bank account. But Matt knows he’ll never be a hero, not like his brother Jon, who recently died in Afghanistan.

Emily Barton once dated Jon but their break-up was brutal, made even worse when Matt tried to intervene. Years later, Emily remains trapped on an emotional treadmill, regularly changing her apartment, her job, and her boyfriend in a futile attempt to regain her earlier success.

Matt, determined to give back to Harmony Springs, opens an American Discount thrift store. But Emily recognizes a threat to the downtown shopping district and she organizes a grassroots campaign. Will she succeed at driving the American Discount out of town—and Matt out of her life—forever?


February 9
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Mindy Klasky

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Dr BEC ,

Nice Start To A Series

Spoiler Free Review:
This is the first full length novel in her Harmony Springs Series. However, it is related to her Perfect Pitch series and was introduced in the novella "Fly Me To The Moon". Rather than summarize the book let me give you a little bit of insight into Mindy as an author.

Mindy writes in several genres and her book are light, entertaining and uplifting. She creates a cast of complex characters and weaves in contemporary plots that lend a touch of realism. This series of contemporary romances will be tied together by the community of Harmony Springs. You find yourself connecting to the characters and thinking I want to visit that town. There is just enough description of the community for you to feel comfortable with it and each of the characters is well developed and likeable. You can tell that Ms. Klasky is a keen observer of the human condition and the characters she creates reflect that.

There is a little sex in the plot and the occasional expletive but it fits the plot and is not the main focus of the book, but advance the plot and build the characters. Quite frankly these could be produced for prime time TV with no editing and be the cleanest show at any of the time periods. I make the comment as I know some people are very sensitive to such. While I think you would be missing out on an enjoyable series if that is a deal breaker for you then you should probably pass on the series.

If however you are looking for a smartly written contemporary romance that is entertaining and uplifting and delivers a well thought out plot. Then this series should be ideal for you. Remember, "Fly Me To The Moon" is the novella that introduced Harmony Springs. Each of these stand alone though and can be read in any order. There is some congruence of characters between the books and you can expect to see them return in future book.

I found Mindy's books a couple of years ago after retiring and finding myself with time to read. Admittedly I am probably not her normal demographic (older and male) but I grew up reading fantasy/science fiction and was hooked on her writing after I started off with some of her paranormal fantasies. I then worked my way through her other books as I enjoyed her writing style and sensibilities. I have become rather author centric in my reading if I like their writing I will read pretty much everything in their catalog. When you connect with an author and understand the sensibilities that are brought to the table their books tend to come alive for you. A life long reader I would rather sit with a book than watch TV or a Movie. If you enjoy contemporary romance her Perfect Pitch series is a group of novellas that follow a fictional baseball team. Her Jane Madison books are a series of enjoyable paranormal fantasy/romance novels. She also has a number of standalone novels in varying genres.

I was provided an ARC of this novel for an honest review.

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