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It was pitch black and Harriet ran so quickly through the bitterly cold night that she stumbled many times as she raced to be by her mother’s side. Her desperation was complete and her heart could carry no more fear. It was little more than a quarter of a mile from the guesthouse where she was visiting with Charlotte to the main house. Harriet hollered out from the front door as she raced in, “I’m here mother! I’m coming quickly!”

Join Harriet, the love of her life and her devoted parents in an amazing adventure across ocean waters to the drastic realities of the United States in the mid 1800s. This beautiful story paints a captivating picture of life on the frontier, with all the exciting times of falling in love, fighting for causes that matter and cherishing your loved ones. 

Arriving here from England, her family makes the dangerous trip from Rhode Island to Kansas, thus beginning their lives of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With profound faith in God and fiery passion for that which is just and true, throughout the years they stand up for the rights of the oppressed: Native Americans, African slaves and women’s interests. 

Adolphus accompanied Harriet outside where they sat on the porch swing and began gazing at the stars. Harriet pointed to the North Star and began, “Charlotte says the song is about following the North Star to freedom. She says this song is erroneously regarded when considering its conception. When the song is sung by the slaves, the slave owners misunderstand its intention and therefore do not see what is right under their noses, which is the road to freedom for many…”

Step into Harriet’s world, one you will never want to leave.

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May 23
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