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In this number-one New York Times bestselling book, Margaret Truman gives a moving and intimate portrait of her father, Harry Truman, one of America's greatest presidents. Her perspective on his career - from his early days in Independence, Missouri, to serving in the Senate, subsequent election as vice president, and years as president - is unique and compelling.

The book provides a rare inside view into the presidency during a critical moment in the nation's history. Harry Truman had to address some of the most difficult problems any president has faced: He assumed the presidency during wartime, conducted negotiations with Joseph Stalin, made the decision to drop the atopic bomb, initiated the Marshall Plan, oversaw the Berlin Blockade, and dismissed General Douglas MacArthur, America's most revered military leader.

Harry Truman was also a family man. The most important people in his life were his wife, daughter, sister, and mother. His letters to them contain fascinating descriptions and details of the leaders and events that were changing the world.

Margaret Truman's understanding of both the political and personal aspects of her father's life make this book an essential and fascinating volume for anyone interested in American history.

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MileHigh buyer ,

Interesting viewpoint

Truman - the man who no one thought to be ‘presidential’
Written by his daughter- with some family viewpoints added to official history. The family was the last political family that you would think would end up in the White House.

Reading this book before visiting the Truman museum in Independence gave me some insight into what I was seeing in the exhibits.

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