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“Harvard is for Beautiful Perverts” is written in a humorous, irreverent style to both entertain as well as titillate. One of my readers, Sujac has written, “First review I've ever written and I've read a lot of erotica, BDSM, etc. This book (Author note: Review was for Urban Legends: The Curious Tale of Naughty Alphonso's Adult Video's and Toy's) was a riot. Creative, hot, hysterically funny erotica and BDSM. BDSM funny? Yes! The way Ellioto writes it. I was laughing out loud while cringing at the same time. Loved the book so much I'm now reading everything he's written. This author has a truly twisted mind and I love it." (reviewed within a week of purchase). This is a full length novel at over 106,000 words.

"Harvard is for Beautiful Perverts" is an irreverent, sexy, humorous and entirely fictitious expose’ of Harvard’s perverted Greek life. Further, at 106,000 words, it is by far my longest, most elaborate work to date. If you liked the writing style and twisted situations in the previous books, you will find that "Harvard is for Beautiful Perverts" kicks it up a notch.
In it, we find Jack, Nadine and Anita visiting a highly unusual street fair sponsored by Harvard University sororities and fraternities. In order to visit the Houses, our hero’s must strip and have clothes painted on their bodies…as do most of the other visiting underclassmen and Harvard wannabe’s. Once in the sorority, Nadine abuses a gay black pledge (a 6'8" 285 pound Harvard basketball player) assigned to a sorority by his Pledge Master to pleasure female visitors. Having no desire to pleasure women, she makes him perform in spectacular fashion. The on-looking coed's are shocked at Nadine's painful but effective methods. Jack, on the other hand, is ushered into the sorority’s Male Hospitality Room. He comes face to face with sixteen hungry Sisters ready to compete for his meat. Compete they do; Jack does them all.
Upon leaving the sorority, our intrepid trio visits the gay fraternity next door, Itchy Scratchy Epsilon. Nadine continues to abuse the gay basketball players while Jack finds himself bound into one of the most elaborate Glory Holes ever made. Needless to say, by the time they are ready to leave, our hero's are happy and satisfied. Enjoy, naughty readers! Enjoy!

Fiction & Literature
October 2
BB Ellioto
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