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Stella Ricci isn't normally the kind of girl who does one-night stands--especially with her best friend's brother. 

It's a secret she plans to take to the grave.

She's certain Carter feels the same, since they haven't talked about it once in the past year. Not that they've ever been much on talking. The two can hardly stand each other on a good day.

If there is a single worse idea than sleeping with her off-limits enemy, it's inviting him to move in with her.

What can she say? She's bored. Her barista job is her passion, but it seems to be all she has in her life these days. Even fighting with Carter would be preferable to another night alone. Besides, he needs a place to crash after burning out on the Los Angeles grind.

Neither of them expected the chemistry to come roaring back.

Should they admit that one night wasn't enough? Or will secretly dating each other turn into the epic fail Stella feared?

Only one way to find out…

April 7
EM Publishing
EM Publishing

Customer Reviews

Evieo17 ,


This was cute read. I loved Stella and so wanted to smack carter upside the head so many times but I grew to love him as the story progressed

rjbor ,

Hate to Date you

Very good, ♥️’d it. TY

PalatableDinner ,

Hate to Date You

This book reads like fan fiction in that it doesn’t flow very well, has numerous typos, over-explains, repeats a lot of information, writes in circles, the plot feels forced, and the story overall feels juvenile, especially toward the end. It would benefit from more showing and less telling.

At times the author seems unaware of where body parts are located or forgets where in a meal characters are at. Don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Stella left Chris Pratt out of the Chris list, and for someone who’s supposedly obsessed with the To All the Boys I Loved Before films she doesn’t appear to know the sequel is called To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You or that the male lead’s name is Noah Centineo.

Despite Stella saying marriage is “completely unnecessary”, there’s plenty of legal advantages to getting married, i.e. being able to make healthcare decisions for your spouse if they’re incapacitated, and one of many reasons why people fight for marriage equality. Also, women going to the bathroom in packs is a practice born for safety.

This book contains cursing, a heads-up for those averse.

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