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Stella Ricci is bored.


Her overprotective family barely let her out of their sight, despite the fact she’s a grown woman. Yes, she loves her job at her family’s café and she’s the best barista in the entire Monterey Peninsula, but is that enough? She’s thinking no. But what else can she do? 


Enter Carter Abbott. Burnt out after the never-ending grind of selling high end real estate in Los Angeles, he’s returned home, unsure of what to do next. He needs someplace to crash temporarily until he gets back on his feet.


It's easy for Stella to suggest Carter move in. Temporarily of course. It'll give her someone to talk to. The only problem?


That one night stand Stella and Carter had about a year ago. They never talked about it. They still don’t really talk about it.  Despite the fact that the old chemistry has come back full force. Living together has made that obvious. Should they admit that one night wasn't enough? Or will dating each other turn into an epic fail?


Only one way to find out…

April 7
EM Publishing
EM Publishing

Customer Reviews

Evieo17 ,


This was cute read. I loved Stella and so wanted to smack carter upside the head so many times but I grew to love him as the story progressed

mj_toth ,

Are they enemies? friends? or lovers?

The challenges when you’ve slept with your best friend’s brother and now, he is your roommate. To make it worse, he slinked away and never said anything to you after that night. How else should Stella feel other than angry at Carter? I love Stella’s spitfire personality but the one place she doesn’t really show it, is in front of her family. Her father and brothers are very domineering so she feels like she is in a rut as she works at the family’s bakery/coffee shop, not knowing what she truly wants to do with her life. Having Carter live with her disturbs her solitude because she struggles with the attraction she feels for him. Carter has always had a plan or goal he was working toward but quitting his job and returning to his hometown has him lost. Living with Stella is unexpected but welcome because he does regret not talking to her after their one-night. But he has never been a relationship kind of guy. As these two commitment phobic individuals start to spend more time together, will they find out it’s not them but they people they dated? Or will their fears push them apart? I love these dating stories as we get a different couple’s journey to finding love while we still interact with an amazing group of friends and family.

Astroyic ,

Sweet & Sexy!

Sweet, Sexy and entertaining with these lovable and endearing characters. I have been loving this series and couldn’t wait to read this new book. “HATE TO DATE” is an absolutely charming romantic comedy that will surround your heart with all THE FEELS! It’s a delightful entertaining best friend brother’s romance that will make you laugh, and swoon for days. Once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down.

I am loving this special group of tight knit girlfriends, their easy fun times, as well as watching them as they fall in love. This is what keeps me coming back again and again.

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