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"Have I Told You Today How Much I Love You?" is one way to express love--beyond an inch, foot, yard, mile, the moon, stars, and Mars--to anyone dear to you. It was written as a bedtime story. But given that it teaches children some fun facts about measurements while reinforcing how much you love them, this book is an ANYtime story. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and friends can buy this book as a gift and enjoy telling the children in their lives how much they are loved.

The author wrote the book for her four nieces and nephews. When asked "Do I love you this much?", the youngest, who is almost four years old, delights in answering, "Not just this much." He starts saying it with his two index fingers an inch apart, and he enjoys repeating the phrase with his hands one foot apart and again with his arm stretched as far as they'll go. Then he starts again. On occasion, his grandfather has joined in.

It's a fun, quick read with both basic and profound lessons.

December 6
Knowing Going Kids
Knowing Going Kids LLC

Customer Reviews

Nikita Sturm ,

Best Children's Book Ever!

I love this book because some of the expressions remind me of my own childhood. There is no greater gift than the gift of love, and children need to hear it often. The author begins by comparing love to the size of a quarter, strawberry, and piece of macaroni and ends by comparing love to infinity. The illustrations and colors are vibrant and playful. What a fun way to instill a sense of unconditional love into a child!

Dvallabhaneni ,

Great to read to kids

I read this to my niece yesterday. She loved the story and laughed a lot through the book. It was a great way to spend the afternoon together. It'll be one we read together often.

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