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I never saw it coming.

Getting over that kind of betrayal is hard. It leaves a mark on the heart. A slow bleed that never goes away. She was my girl. We were supposed to be partners for life.  She was my forever girl.

Until she ran away.

I thought she felt the same. She disappeared without so much as a goodbye. Those cuts are the deepest. A gaping hole that can't be sealed. Abandonment is a deadly strike that can't be forgotten. 

Three months later she showed up, expecting me to welcome her back with open arms. Excuses, lies, not even her crying eyes could make me believe her manipulation. For months I felt like I was burning alive. She shattered my heart and stole my soul. 

I moved on.

Now, eighteen years later, a nightmare unfolds. Lies come to light. The truth is uncovered. And the people I thought I knew become strangers. The heartbreak I felt was only a scratch compared to the sliced open heart in my chest. 

She may never forgive me, because the thing about mercy—you have to give to receive.

May 2
N. E. Henderson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cajncrys ,

Lawd Have Mercy!

I’m a sucker for second chance stories. I also love kick a.. ladies and Nancy can write the hell out of a bad a.. heroine!
I have to say that the half star i took away was for Jamie. I absolutely wanted to strangle him. So kudos on character development but holy heck I wanted to wrap my hands around his neck more than once.
The subject matter in this book is very touchy and an very important one that is becoming a bigger problem than this country realizes as of late and Nancy did a great job with it. I mean I was absolutely gutted with the flashbacks.
I loved this one and look forward to everything she writes. This one definitely lived up to the anticipation!

showjumpers66 ,

So Disappointed

I really hated this book. I spent the entire read annoyed by the stupidity of the characters. It’s a shame because it had potential, but I just couldn’t get past the idiocy of befriending the people that kidnapped and abused her. Nor the stupidity of no one believing she was kidnapped. Or the fact that she never held the person responsible accountable under the guise of protecting the children yet the best protection would have been to hold the person accountable. And then all the bad guys end up being in the FBI. Just stupid ...

MyMyMySmurfs ,


Such an awesome read! Needs to be a movie, I swear.

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