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After graduating from college with a degree in elementary education, mountain lion shifter Hope Parkins is thrilled to accept a job at Ashland Elementary School. She heads to Ashland to stay with her best friend, Treasure, a fae-dragon hybrid. When she arrives in town, she’s greeted by not only her bestie, but three mountain lion males who she and her cat recognize on sight. They’re her mates, and she knows her life will never be the same.

Owen, Ben, and Nathan Fallon have felt an odd longing for years. They believe they’re meant to share a mate, but none of the females they know are her. While visiting their Uncle Rhett, they sense a presence that draws them to the farmhouse, where they meet a beautiful mountain lion female. They know immediately that she’s their shared mate. The gorgeous Hope is everything they ever wanted and more, and they can’t wait to make her theirs.

Despite finally finding her truemates, Hope feels compelled to help the female mountain lions who were cursed by their goddess to never know love. When her one opportunity to set things right for her people fails, she believes that all’s lost, and the females will never know the joy of family and finding love. Will a phone call from an old friend of the pride help Hope to change the course of the females’ lives forever?

November 4
R.E. Butler
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jannie3381 ,

What a satisfying story!

I love the camaraderie within the members of the Ashland pride. They’re such a close-knit group. They watch out for each other, lend a hand when when anyone can use it. Good people. Hope is a loving young woman who really wants to see the curse on the mountain lions lifted. She’s a very busy girl - not only is she starting her first teaching job, she has met her truemates. Their romance is sweet, and they help her in her perilous quest to appeal to the Goddess. You really need to read this to see the outcome of her story. I love it!

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