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Kaleb “Hawk” Tepes, as president of the Sons of Sangue and descendant of Vlad III, needs to keep his head focused on club business. Trouble is someone wants to divest him of it for a crime he committed against his vampire predecessors. He can’t afford distractions, especially those that come in the form of a five-foot-two sprite named Suzi, who once belonged to his nephew. In a moment of weakness, he makes a snap decision that can only spell trouble. Now faced with the one person who wants him dead, Kaleb must make the ultimate sacrifice or chance losing the only woman he truly desired forever.

Suzi Stevens has tried hard to put her past behind her and move forward. The one man she yearns for over all others, believes her to be nothing but cold-hearted. Hearing that someone has tried to behead him, she shelves past prejudices and rushes to his side, needing to see for herself that he’s all right. What she doesn’t count on is Hawk’s demand to take her as his personal blood donor. Now forced to endure his company, she fears losing her heart for all eternity to the one person who has the power to crush her.

May 27
Patricia A. Rasey
Patricia A. Rasey

Customer Reviews

ClaudiaS1234 ,

Good story

The book seems pretty good. My only issue with this book is the constant B-word directed at women. It seems there is little respect for women as a whole. Ths goes for the first 3 books of the series. Women in these books appear to have no say or rights. This aspect makes the main men unlikeable at times.

Joeygirl1980 ,

Great Book

This was a great book. Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Stanhop3234 ,


Hawk is the second book in the Sons of Sangue series and well worth reading.
Susi Stevens has pined for Kaleb "Hawk" Tepes for over 10 years and a Hawk has done everything to avoid her. To him she a cold hearted bit$h who showed no sorrow when Ion Tepes her mate to be died. Kaleb can't seem to get passed his hatred for her even when he dreams of his hands all over her. She's been gone for 6 months without a word she can no longer take seeing him parading women in front of her. Susie is a strong spirited and sassy women and a Hawk is one very hot alpha male that at times I wanted to punch.
Someone is out to take Hawks head. After hearing of Hawks near death Susie just needs to make sure he's ok. Hawk decides to revoke her retirement and she to be his donor and only his. Punishment is sweet revenge...but is it really?
There's a fine line between love and hate.

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