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The Casella Cousins Novella 1: Hayley

She drives him crazy in court. He’s the most irritating, self-absorbed defense attorney she’s ever met. What happens when a couple like this goes from enemies to lovers in one moonlit night on his boat?

Assistant District Attorney Hayley Casella wants to tear her hair out whenever she has to argue against her nemesis, Paul Covington, in court. She’s battled the white-collar defense attorney for a year and their appearances together are only getting more emotional and tinged with sexual tension.

Hot shot attorney Paul Covington is not letting DA Casella ruin his chances of becoming a partner in the prestigious law firm he joined last year. She’s a looker and smart as hell, but he’s as determined to show her up as she’s determined to put him down.

This heartfelt legal drama is backdropped by the glamor of New York City galas, restaurants and boat trips on the ocean. Will Haley and Paul be able navigate the murky waters of competing careers and baggage from their childhoods to make a life together?

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June 23
Ocean View Books
Mary C. Schaefer

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,


Good read with interesting characters.

rjbor ,


Enjoyed this book very much.

Jen G F ,


ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars

Hayley is book 1 in the Casella Cousins series by Kathryn Shay an another good book by this author.

Hayley and Paul are two attorneys on opposing sides of the table, get under each other’s skin but sparks fly too. When they end up in jail together they discover they have a lot in common but it seems that obstacles out side of court could be issues too...

Family dynamics, forgiveness, attraction and a fine line between love and hate are just some of the things happening but will they find a way to over come the obstacles or will they remain adversaries??

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