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The Barbies are back in this red-hot sequel to All Pink Everything. They've got blonde hair and big egos and strut around with their heads held high, never letting anyone see them sweat. They have their own rules so they don't need to follow anybody else's. But just like any other set of rules, theirs were meant to be broken.

Alyson Polk is on a single black female stint. To finally win the affections of Maxwell Cunningham, the boy of her dreams, she must learn to walk, talk, and even think like Bunny McCoy, the girl of his dreams. She knows she can never become the perfect prototype, but if she can emulate her just enough to bring him around, Alyson hopes to convince him that what she has to offer is better than anything a selfish brat like Bunny could ever give.

Tammy Brooks is not only new to the Ghetto Barbies but new to the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. With not a rhinestone to her wrist, Bunny and Alyson swoop her up, teach her their ways, and throw a bit of sparkle into her dull life. More popularity comes her way than she could have ever imagined, causing fears from within the sisterhood that she may have been groomed too well.

Bunny is determined to become the Head Barbie once and for all. Not just for the sake of seeking revenge, but for the sake of proving she can lead the Barbies to the height of their success. With the support of her new sisters, Bunny is sure to knock Alyson right off her throne. But when she finds herself distracted by the boy she wants, the boy she has, and the boy who wants her, her good deeds may go unnoticed. Bunny isn't blackmailing her sisters this time around. She's too busy trying to keep her own secrets buried. Without a fresh start, being the Head Barbie in Charge won't come without a great big shovel to her past.

Fiction & Literature
October 21
Lola Beverly Hills
Draft2Digital, LLC

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