He is...Creed Part One He is...Creed Part One
Book 1 - Windwalkers

He is...Creed Part One

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Publisher Description

He is...Creed, a soldier lied to and turned into a weapon by his own country. She is the light to the darkness inside him. The only person who can save him from the monster he might become. The only person who can save the world from what he might become.

Creed is one of the soldiers who were lied to and injected with an experimental serum at Area 51, a soldier whose unique ability to travel within and communicate with the wind makes him his country's greatest weapon. Within him is a great power, and a darkness, he secretly fears he cannot control. He is losing himself and his humanity and he doesn't know how to stop it from happening.

But then he meets Addie, the beautiful and intelligent scientist and the daughter of the man who did this to him, who's come to right her father's wrong. The minute they connect, he feels drawn to her. The minute he touches her, he feels the darkness inside him calm, and an obsessive passion stirs between them. Possessiveness rises inside Creed and his desire for her is all consuming.

Soon though, they will learn that Addie is one true mate, his lifebond, the light to his darkness, A phenomenon no one quite understands and must be kept secret. But even as their bond develops into something greater than they imagined possible, danger erupts as some of Creed's kind rise up and become a threat. Creed is the soldier powerful enough to end it all, but as he calls on that part of himself, the darkness stirs. The bond between Creed and Addie might be the only thing that saves the world. It also might be the death of Addie.

October 19
Julie Patra Publishing
Lisa Renee Jones

Customer Reviews


He is Creed

Loved this first book in the series. Great cliffhanger leading to the 2nd book. While reading the intro to the 2nd book, I noticed Addie’s name has changed to Amelia in books 2 and 3, due to the publisher insisting. I will not be moving forward with this series as I already have Addie’s look and character in my head. Your publisher made a bad call on this one!

Domination series ,

Great Start To The Series

He Is Creed Part 1 (Windwalers Series) is a reimagining of Michael from the Zodius series that was written years ago. New characters have been created and a completely revamped storyline. I have not read the previous version.
I was actually impressed by He Is Creed. I’m not really into the Area 51 type of thing but Lisa Renee Jones has created a compelling story with well written characters. A mix of military, paranormal elements and some steamy but not over the top chemistry makes for the perfect start to this series.
Addie and Creed each have their own sets of issues that are brought to the forefront while their attraction to each other is just the right amount of steam without it being overkill. He Is Creed is a definite must read if you like paranormal military romance, Looking forward to reading book 2.

nerd blake ,

Chapter 23 pg 1 on repeat

The last half of the book was literally the first page of chapter 23. Every page was the same. Don’t buy and I want my money back.

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