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She's seen it all, until…Head Games, a Medical Thriller from Eileen Dreyer

—2004 - St. Louis, Missouri—

St. Louis death investigator and trauma nurse Molly Burke has seen just about everything, until gifts begin showing up on her doorstep—gifts like human eyes and painted bones—the signature of a twisted serial killer.

Complicating the dangerous situation, Molly’s 16-year-old nephew unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep, with problems of his own.

Now, Molly must balance the investigation into the mind of a monster, who’s taking her back to the worst years of her life, while launching a rescue mission for her nephew. The question is, will she survive either?

Publisher’s Note: No one writes medical thrillers better than former Trauma Nurse, Eileen Dreyer. This tight medical thriller contains profanity consistent with the salty speech of crime investigators and does NOT contain sexual content.

“A tensely plotted thriller that compels the reader to the last shocking page…Dreyer deftly displays her droll sense of humor while spinning a tale of taut terror…complex, riveting, funny, and compelling.” ~The Denver Post

“Nearly flawless. The dialogue is witty, yet shot through with verisimilitude. The insights into hospitals, medical examiners’ offices, police departments, and the military are stunning.” ~St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Customer Reviews

Arieslady52 ,

Chilling, compelling, unforgettable crime drama

How much can one woman take? ER nurse Molly is about to find out. Her nursing career began with the military, in Viet Nam. She carries all the inner demons of PSTD, on top of a bitter estrangement from her family, two divorces, a suicide, her only child lost to a legal birth defect (Agent Orange exposure in Nam). Her nursing career is on the skids, she's moonlighting in the ME's office as a death examiner, and her twin triggers - Christmas and kids - are bearing down on her relentlessly. In a rough poverty stricken community she copes with sardonic humor, over work, social isolation, and vodka-laced tea. All she wants is to hang on to what's left of her humanity; all she needs is a good shrink. What she gets is a snarky lawyer who wants to date, an elderly neighbor who wants to befriend her, some ugly anonymous hate mail, and a special sneak delivery of some gruesomely decorated human remains, and an unwelcome visit from her borderline juvenile delinquent nephew. I think I bit my nails to the quick as I read through the book, watching from one appalling event to the next as Molly's life unravels under increasingly grim incidents and revelations. I found it hard not to sympathize with Molly, harder still to cope with the accelerating threat to her hard-won and circumscribed life, even to her very existence. The terrifying climax brings only temporary relief - Molly learns just how blessed she is to have survived her life, only to realize that others will never claim the humanity and the love which pull her through her ordeal. This isn't an easy book to read, with its overpowering sense of powerlessness and threat, but it is fascinating to witness one woman's uncrushable spirit, and heartbreaking to see others too badly crushed to survive. Ms. Dryer's writing is crisp, filled with the unvoiced emotions of her characters, and uncompromising in the depiction of the alterations in their potential resulting from the events of their lives. This is a voluntary ARC review.

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