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Prince Ivar is a cat-shifting prince from another planet, honor bound to help his people find mates. And he's determined to make this quest to Earth a success. When he crosses paths with the independent human woman, Beth Watson, he finds his world spinning on its axis. There is an undeniable attraction between them, but is pure chemistry enough to overcome intergalactic odds?

This book features a cat-shifting prince. 

Reader Note: Ivar's story.

Shape-Shifter Paranormal, Science Fiction, Alien Romance

Part of the Qurilixen World

Length: Short Novel

September 25
The Raven Books LLC
The Raven Books LLC

Customer Reviews

R. Manor ,

Headstrong Prince

Michelle Pillow- Headstrong Prince (Captured By A Dragon -Shifter Book 6)

At last we get to see what happens to Prince Ivar, the Var Prince that got left behind at the end of Book 5 - The Mischevious Prince. Needing to make sure the Draig Prince gets back to his planet and also sending the woman who saw the two Princes in shifter form through the portal was a brave move. Unfortunately it left Ivar on Earth as the portal closed and would not reopen for another year.

This story reveals what happens to Ivar during that year and the difficulties he found trying to adapt and stay inconspicuous while stranded on earth. Ivar is a bit more serious than the other Princes, still his situation led to some pretty comical situations. He has quite the adventure leading him from Mississippi to New Orleans, where he hopes to find some of the Draig shifters who had gone through the portal and decided to stay and become "Cajuns" in hopes of finding wives.

Beth is an artist trying to find her "inspiration" so that her work is taken more seriously and eventually makes it into galleries. After a chance sighting of Ivar she begins to paint this mysterious man with the glowing eyes. When she meets him in person she finds more is inspired than her art and serious sparks fly between them.
This was quick read but was a well developed very enjoyable story full of adventure, lots of humor, and sexy romance. It is actually a sequel to Book 5. It also ties in much of the overall background story of these portal hopping Princes and Draig shifters, so it is highly recommended that this very funny exciting sci-fi romance series be read in order.

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