Headstrong Prince

A Qurilixen World Novel

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Publisher Description

Welcome to the dangerous world of Qurilixen where dragon-shifters and cat-shifters rule as fiercely as they love.

There is an undeniable attraction between them, but is pure chemistry enough to overcome intergalactic odds?

Prince Ivar is a cat-shifting prince from another planet, honor bound to help his people find mates. And he's determined to make this quest to Earth a success. When he crosses paths with the independent human woman, Beth Watson, he finds his world spinning on its axis. 

A shapeshifter fantasy/sci fi romance from NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow. 

Book Six of the Captured by a Dragon-Shifter series. This book features a cat-shifting prince.


About the Captured by a Dragon-Shifter Series

Welcome to the dangerous world of Qurilixen where dragon-shifters and cat-shifters rule as fiercely as they love. They might have escaped human persecution long ago to live on their own terms, but now must return to Earth to ensure their survival. 

For Qurilixen Fans

A modern day prequel series installment to those first books (Dragon Lords & Lords of the Var®), taking place long before the princes you know and love ever found their mates, long before The Dragon’s Queen, in a time when the dragon-shifters and cat-shifters actually—wait for it—liked each other and hung out as friends. They also don’t have Galaxy Brides to bring them women. What they do have is the old portal that they used to escape Earth. There’s no one left to marry on the planet and things are starting to get desperate. This series can be read as a standalone.

Praise For Determined Prince

5 Stars! "The story is filled with adventure and intrigue. Great book!" Spetrbok, Bookbub (2021)

5 Stars! "This well written and enthralling story leads you along the rocky road of their journey. I do love these Qurilixen World stories and the Princes looking for their true mates." Lesley Boon, Bookbub (2021)

5 Stars! "Great storyline and character development made this book a hot and enjoyable read! Extremely entertaining, captivating, and interesting sexy read. I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong, intriguing characters. I want to read more from this author." K Bradbury, Bookbub (2021)

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Headstrong Prince

A Qurilixen World Story

The Qurilixen World is an extensive collection of paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction romance novels by award-winning author, Michelle M. Pillow, and includes several series installments: Dragon Lords, Lords of the Var®, Space Lords, Captured by a Dragon-shifter, Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides, Dynasty Lords, Qurilixen Lords, and more.

September 25
The Raven Books LLC
The Raven Books LLC

Customer Reviews

Topmom52 ,

Great Story

Prince Ivar of the Var has been stranded on Earth for almost a year. Eleven months after the portal closed he finally connected with Beth. The Draig from the swamps also have been following Ivar. Really interesting story that ties up a lot of threads.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Goddess of Chaos ,

…” in the end you always do what is right.”

Ivar and Finn had a simple plan when they went through the portal to Earth, it didn’t account for the portal closing unexpectedly early.

Beth is a painter and photographer looking for inspiration, never imagining she’d find it in a Cat-Shifter from another planet.

There is a lot tucked away in this done in one story, not the least of which is how easy it is to interpret what is happening, and what we’re seeing through the filter of our experiences, our hopes, our expectations, and even our fears. The same events can appear entirely different to two different people… or to the same person at two different times.

I was gifted with a copy of this book and chose to share my review.

DD1126 ,

Ivar Finds Beth!

When Prince Ivar is accidentally left behind on earth when the portal back to Quirilixen closes, he knows he needs to find the Draig Dragons. They may be able to help him find his way back. The dragons find him and human Beth and take them to their compound on the bayou! It was fun to see the dragon and the cat shifters figuring out life on earth. If you have read the series, this is a great addition! Michelle Pillow writes realistic characters who, even if they are aliens, are relatable and fun to read about!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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