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Sickness and miraculous healing are shrouded in mystery. Not many know how to pray for themselves or a loved one when they are sick. Not only that, most people don't feel confident that God is willing to help them when they pray.

After John W. Nichols (author of GOD is HERE) discovered his daughter had many symptoms of autism, he began reading the Bible with new eyes, trying to understand healing for today. Soon he felt impressed to fast for 7 weeks and pray through Scriptures about healing daily.

Healing is Here: A 49-Day Devotional Journey of Healing Through the Bible, compiles the author's notes and prayers during his fast. It has been organized to apply to anyone who wants to learn about healing at their own pace, with Scriptural support, suggested prayers, and journaling prompts. (There is no requirement to fast while going through this devotional)

John systematically teaches the mysteries he has unlocked over the course of four years of studying and applying Biblical Christian healing. He has decided to give the first two weeks of the devotional away to hopefully help others who are in similar circumstances: those who desperately need healing, aren't sure how to pray about it, and are wondering if God is willing to help.

Over the course of the 49 days you will discover:

What is God and Jesus’s will regarding healing

How Jesus fulfilled prophetic verses of healing

How God’s will is accomplished

What we can learn from the remarkable similarity between salvation and healing

What do covenants have to do with sickness and healing

How to receive the same blessings God promised His people in the Bible

How God disciplines and teaches us

What faith has to do with healing

What we can learn about God by looking at Jesus in the gospels

How sin and righteousness affects healing

What the Bible teaches us about evil spirits

How Jesus showed us to fight the enemy, and how to be equipped for that fight

How Satan attacks, and what we can do about it

What Jesus told His disciples (and us) to do

What is the right atmosphere for healing

How to exercise and apply Jesus’s name, authority, anointing, and blood

How fear and doubt play into sickness and how to overcome them

How to heal the soul (thoughts and emotions)

What are the promises and benefits of God, and how to claim them

How fasting affects healing

Many surprising (and practical) elements of healing seen in the Bible which can be applied today

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Note: This eBook is also available to purchase in a weekly format within the series titled Daily Prayers for Physical Healing.

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July 20
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