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GOD WANTS YOU WELL! Healing prayer is not about overcoming God’s reluctance but laying hold of His willingness. God’s willingness is seen in His Word, where He has repeatedly revealed His desire to heal His people. Healing Scriptures and Prayers is designed to help you lay hold of God’s willingness by laying hold of His Word and praying it back to Him in faith. In this book you will discover:

* God's healing words in the Old Testament
* How healing is revealed in the names of God
* God wants you to choose life
* God's healing words in the New Testament
* The healing ministry of Jesus
* The healing ministry of the disciples
* Life restoration stories in the Bible
* How healing is revealed in the name of Jesus
* The Lord’s Prayer as healing prayer
* The Lord’s Supper as healing prayer
This is a great tool to help you minister healing to others as well as for yourself.

"Faith in the promises of God is the most important aspect of the ministry of divine healing, as well as the way to a walk in divine health. Jeff Doles has labored diligently to correctly lay out those healing promises in such a manner that this book can be both a refreshment to the soul of an individual needing a wonderful touch of Christ, or the person who is desiring to operate in the ministry of divine healing and setting people free. I would also recommend this book to every Healing Team/Healing Rooms ministry as an important working instrument for their own faith and the building of faith in those to whom they minister." ~ Wayne C. Anderson, Standsure Ministries

"Jeff Doles has blessed the body of Christ with Healing Scriptures and Prayers. This well written book will take the reader on an enlightening journey through the Word of God. Familiar passages of Scripture will take on new meaning and many special treasures of knowledge will bring increased understanding of the ways and the grace of God. This book is not just for those wanting physical healing, but for everyone who wants a deeper and richer relationship with God." ~ Ben R. Peters, Kingdom Sending Center

"I know this book comes from the heart of Jeff Doles, because he has a passion to see people walk in divine health. I have known Jeff for years as a student and lover of the Word of God. He has done a wonderful job laying out the scriptures on healing. As I read through them, my heart explodes with faith as I see the great love and plan God has for His people. I love the prayers because they are such a practical way to make the scriptures become yours. I believe this book to be an excellent resource for those hungering to walk in divine health." ~ Rick C. Wilson, Revival Outreach Center, Dover, FL

JEFF DOLES is a Christian writer, blogger and Bible teacher. His books include The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church, and Praying With Fire. He and his wife Suzanne are the founders of Walking Barefoot Ministries and live near Tampa, FL.

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October 28
Jeff Doles
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