Healing the Broken...Book 4 in the Kindred Tales Series

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Sarah Michaels is running for her life.
Abducted into a cult called The Brotherhood of Peace at age twelve, she has grown up in an abusive system. Now as an adult, she is desperate to get away before she must become a “Bride of the Prophet” and is forced to have sex with the leader, the lecherous Father Caleb. Sarah runs from the cult…and straight into the arms of a tall, dark, angry Kindred warrior.

Commander Sazar is the ultimate diplomat but not a very good boss. In fact, he’s awful because he has the habit of biting his personal assistants. As a Pitch-Blood Kindred, he needs blood on a regular basis and since his beautiful wife is dead, he is forced to take it from the female who is closest to him. Five secretaries have quit because of his blood requirements and he’s desperate to find a new one before he goes on his latest diplomatic mission to Alquon Ultrea. Desperate enough to take on a girl with very little experience and no resume to speak of because she’s willing to let him bite her and drink her blood.

Desperation might have brought them together but Sazar and Sarah soon find they have much in common. It’s Christmas time and a deep mutual attraction draws them together. But when a misunderstanding tears them apart and Sarah is taken by the Brotherhood of Peace, can Sazar save her? And can Sarah help him by Healing the Brokenness inside?

November 4
Evangeline Anderson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

R. Manor ,

Healing the Broken

Evangeline Anderson- Healing the Broken: A Kindred Christmas Tale ( Brides of the Kindred)

The Kindred Tales Series has a new Addition just in time for the holidays, “Healing The Broken”. This wonderful series continues within the mesmerizing world of the Kindred and also includes many of our favorite characters within the stories.

We were introduced to Tsandor, the Little Kindred boy living under the care of the children’s center on the Mothership, missing his deceased mother and a father too Broken to give him much attention. His father, Commander Samar, running away from the pain of losing his wife and the child who looks so much like her, has taken a position as an ambassador to other planets to inquire about compatibility for DNA sharing, so he is rarely around to see Tsandor. This sweet boy broke my heart but he has reason to hope things will change as his special friend Shad has had visions of the near future.

Commander Sazar is a Pitch-Blood Kindred and must have a certain amount of blood regularly to survive. Being as he travels constantly the donor must become the job of his assistant. Not surprisingly he has gone through several assistants since his wife passed. When his last interview, Sarah , walks into the room he is overtaken by the scent of her sweet blood. He is more than happy to hire her as long as she is willing to also allow him to take blood from her.

Sazar is as most Kindred, sexy,tall handsome alpha but he is also broken, isolated, bottled up emotionally and not the easiest boss to work for.

Sarah has run away from a religious cult and is fearful they will find her and drag her back. The leader of the cult feeling he has the right to sexually take advantage of the young women in his church and possibly bless the with his child. Sarah has hidden herself away trying to make herself unattractive, wearing glasses she doesn’t need,a curvy body under huge clothing.
Now she has become next in line as a Bride for the Prophet. She is hiding in a shelter for abused women. It is crucial that she get this job as an assistant for the Kindred Commander so that she can escape earth and find safety traveling the universe, even if it means being a blood donor.
Without spoiling the rest of this awesome story I can on,y say trust Evangeline Anderson to take her readers on amazing journeys both physically and emotionally.

Sarah and Sazar have their own story unfold as they go on a mission to a planet that has its own ideas about genders and sexuality.
The author always manages to touch on so many issues we face today, this book bringing up cults, chauvinism, grieving the loss of a mate/mother, dealing with accepting and loving ones body, shades of environmental issues, that although we are light years away so much of what the characters go through is totally relatable.
Very few authors can write such sexually charged heated scenes and situations so have a fan ready this book has a good amount of naughty and 5🔥. Mixed in with danger, suspense, romance, heartwarming emotional endings and adventure and you have an awesome book.

I am always awed at the infinite number of original and different plots,storylines, characters and worlds
Ms. Anderson creates. The Kindred Tales Series can be read separately although some worlds and characters do carryover from the main series, The amazing not to be missed “Brides of the Kindred”.

Devilwmn ,

LOVE this series!!!

**Received ARC from Booksprout for a fair and honest review**
Healing the Broken; A Kindred Christmas Tale can be read as a standalone, but would be best read in order. The author does a great job with the details, so if you haven't read the other books you won't be lost, but characters from the other stories come up and I think it adds more if you've read them IMO. I'd rate this book at 4.5 stars.
Sarah's family joined a cult when she was 12 years old. The leader used this to have sex with all the women, while keeping them suppressed and discarding them for the next young female in the cult that drew his fancy. When Prophet Caleb turned his interests towards Sarah, she was determined to escape the cult at all costs.
Sazar is a Pitch Blood kindred, which is a blood kindred, except he needs blood to survive, and a single father since his mates unexpected death. In his job he needs a female assistant that can travel with him, pose as his mate if needed and they are required to allow him to feed off them once a week. None of the applicants have worked and when he gets down to the final applicant, Sarah, he is shocked when she has no issue with allowing him to feed off her.
I have been very excited to read this story, and see how things unfold for Sazar and Tsandor. I really enjoyed this story tremendously. I enjoyed the characters, their chemistry, love seeing the characters from the previous books, and how they are doing. Though I wished a few more previous characters would have come up and seen where they were at since there has been a fair amount of time that has elapsed, so things change in peoples lives and it would have been nice to see. There are a good amount of hot steamy scenes for those inquiring minds that want to know. My only complaint for the book is it ends when they are just getting together, and while there is an epilogue, I wished it gave more information about Sazar, Sarah and Tsandor. Overall it was hard to put down and a great read! I would definitely recommend! Can't wait for the next book in the series! Happy Reading!!!


Fantastic Series

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review no minority compensation was received the opinions I have expressed are my own. I really enjoyed this Christmas novella, also I like getting introduce to a new Kindred. This interesting and entertaining read held my attention from beginning to end. My heart really broke for Tsandor I wanted to go through my kindle and wrap him up in a big hug. Overall this is a fantastic series. I'm looking for to reading Shad story and getting introduce to more new kind of Kindred.

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