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Many people have shelves full of “healthy” cookbooks created by chefs with little or no nutritional expertise or home-cooking experience. The recipes are either too fussy or impractical and leave out a key ingredient—taste! 

In Health Begins in the Kitchen: Delicious and Easy Vegan Recipes and Seasonal Food Plan Joanne Mumola Williams combines the know-how of a foodie, who has been an avid cook her whole life, with a PhD in nutrition to create a practical and seasonal approach to good eating imbibed at her southern Italian family’s table and continued for years with her own children. Healthy has never been so easy or so delicious.

In this cookbook Joanne Mumola Williams, creator of the popular blog, FoodsForLongLIfe.com, shows you how to have a guilt-free, joyful and healthy relationship with food. Health Begins in the Kitchen demonstrates the possibility of avoiding disease and achieving remarkable health by the simple and joyful process of eating delicious food. 

She candidly discusses the important benefits and shortcomings of different types of vegetarian diets, dispelling dietary myths along the way. Her book also demonstrates how to easily incorporate more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds into your family’s current diet. Besides the wide variety of healthy recipe ideas (from learning how to build the ultimate vegetarian lasagna to preparing guilt-free desserts), lots of tips are given on how to remake popular family recipes. For example: how to cook with less oil and sugar, how to replace eggs in cakes and other baked items, how to make fettuccine Alfredo or mac and “cheese” without dairy, and more. An entire chapter is devoted to making healthy jam and jelly.  

Most people believe that their health and longevity depend on their genes and feel powerless to change their “destiny.” But actually, the diseases they will suffer from or the health they will enjoy depends more on the family recipes, rather than the genes that have been passed down to them from past generations. 

Health Begins in the Kitchen provides 160 delicious, plant-rich recipes (most are gluten free), 145 beautiful photographs, and an abundance of critical nutritional information that will inspire you to get into your kitchen and take control of your health. 

This book introduces the Seasonally Raw Food Plan (with sample menus), emphasizing the importance of including raw, plant-rich foods in the diet. Unlike raw food diets that promote a high consumption of uncooked food all year round, the author encourages a balance of cooked and raw foods that changes with each season. 

Cleansing the body of accumulated toxins is also important for one’s health and well-being, and many people find it helpful to do this periodically. An unsupervised water or juice fast can be dangerous and very difficult to complete; a safer and easier way to cleanse the body is by simply eating a diet of raw food for a period of time. Health Begins in the Kitchen offers instructions and sample menus for a gentle raw food cleanse that will never leave you hungry. 

This book is not just for vegans or vegetarians. It’s for anyone struggling to obtain the number of daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables needed for good health.  Drawing from the book’s recipes, a variety of sample menus are provided from a casual burger night to Thanksgiving dinner. The author also shares tips for easy and enjoyable entertaining.  This book will become your favorite addition or a wonderful first introduction to a plant-rich recipe collection.

July 10
Foods For Long Life
Joanne L. Williams

Customer Reviews

Andrea Prebys ,

Simple & Delicious

It is rare that I purchase cookbooks; however, I was so excited to get Health Begins in the Kitchen not only for all of the incredible recipes included in it, but for all of the additional helpful information that it has. Not to mention, the photographs are absolute works of art.

I was vegan for many years and currently my partner and I cook mostly vegetarian, but we do occasionally eat meat and dairy. I like how the book focuses on a plant based diet, but doesn’t seem elitist or exclusionary to those of us that may occasionally eat meat. Also, the dishes are delicious; honestly the mushroom “meatball” recipe is one of my all-time favorites and so simple to make. A few of my other favorite dishes are the chia pudding, the power seed crackers, the chanterelle mushroom risotto, seriously there are too many to name!!

Joanne even included helpful sample menu for different seasons. When my brother’s family visited, all of whom are vegans, we tested several of the recipes and the sample menus and everything was a big hit- even with my three year old niece! This book accomplishes a lot and is perfect for many types of eaters. I couldn’t recommend this book more.

Brooklyn Prof ,

Tasteful, beautiful and an excellent resource

I’m one of those people that have lots of the vegetarian, vegan and raw cookbooks published in the last 10 years, many based on well-known plant-strong programs and others that focus on raw cleanses, seasonal recipes, and even such specialty items as raw crackers! They’re good, but who has the time to peruse all those tomes before planning and making a meal, and why bother when all of that is found in Health Begins in the Kitchen: Delicious and Easy Vegan Recipes and Seasonal Food Plan Plus Raw Food Cleanse by Joanne Mumola Williams?

Some of the most appreciated aspects of the book for me, in addition to the delicious and imaginative recipes, include
• the easy to follow and step-by-step directions and suggestions, leaving nothing to chance;
• the nutritional information following each recipe with the usual calorie count, fats, carbs, etc., but also omega 3 and 6 fatty acids content, among other valuable categories;
• the scientific information provided throughout the book regarding the range and value of different eating plans, helping me to make healthier choices;
• the photos! I always miss them in so many books and when they are provided there are never enough. Over 140 enticing photos here makes it much easier to see what the finished product should look like and makes this a very beautiful book;
• and the fact that all of that is now found in 700+ pages on my iPad and I don’t have to rummage around for multiple cookbooks.

A good read, tastefully (pun intended) prepared and a very good buy for those of us who like to cook, eat well and stay fit. And it gets us back to the source: a healthy kitchen.

Maryampm ,

Helpful and Healthy

This is the best cookbook I've ever bought. I have been trying so hard to find out how to cook in a more healthy Mann and still keep meal making simple. Plus the nutritional information is fascinating and clearly stated. I'm not a vegan but I could eaily be with this great guide.